Happy Friday 🤩


We have learnt so much this week, we’ve had scrummy pretzel from HungryMoose for Pretzel day, we’ve become superhero’s for the the day rescuing animals from those pesky villains and introducing the classic Bug Bunny to end our week.

The children really enjoyed exploring the flower 🌺 tuff tray today. They enjoyed smelling 👃 the different flowers 💐, and used paintbrushes 🖌️ to paint the flowers different colours!

They also had lots of fun exploring the field and picking the daisies 🌸. They played with the parachute 🪂 and enjoyed the different games with the ball 🏀!

To top it off – they absolutely loved the fruit 🍎 tray and made their own fruit 🍌salad! They used spoons 🥄, cups and bowls and spoke about the different fruits 🍉 and colours that they could see. 👀

Who is your superhero, we have spoken about who we think are our superhero’s, we’ve had Batman’s, hulks, avengers and even mummy and daddy’s.

The babies have made beautiful superhero 🦸🏻‍♀️ Capes using chalk and gross motor skills.

The Toddlers have been busy counting animals, drawing their favourite superhero 🦸 meanwhile, the younger preschoolers have built hero towers, made some super healthy 🥒🥦 meals to recharge the superhero’s 🦸🏼‍♂️ Energy. They’ve created masks to keep their identity hidden from those villains 🦹🏾

Preschool to the rescue, they had to solve puzzles as superhero’s to save the world 🌎 first they had a rhyming challenger where they had to correctly identify the rhyming words, next they had the power or two game, (pairs to us 😂) and last but not least they had to separate heathy food and unhealthy food ready for the superhero’s 🦸🦸🏻‍♀️🦸🏼‍♂️

The babies practised mark making 🎨 when using sponges 🧽 and paint to print shapes on their pages. They developed their fine motor skills by making marks, lines and dots 🔵 using wooden sticks! We enjoyed the sensory experience of feeling the paint with our fingers🖐️.

Also the toddlers have explored a tuff tray on one of our favourite books 📖 “The gruffalo!’ We practised our emptying and pouring skills when making gruffalo crumble! 🥧 We read the story and found the gruffalo’s purple spikes 🦔and poisonous wart nose 👃 hidden in the oats! We had lots of fun exploring the different ingredients and taking turns with our friends.

Preschool have had lots of fun doing running 🏃‍♂️ races in the garden 🪴. They looked at how this affected their bodies as well as avoiding obstacles 🚲 in their way. On top of this they developed their fine motor skills ✍️ by drawing round animals 🐅 on paper. We thought about what the lines would look like when we draw them. This extended into if the lines would be smooth or bumpy.

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