What happened this week?


This week we have celebrated ‘National Banana bread day’, ‘National Real bread day’ and ‘National read a fairy tale day’. We went bananas over banana bread day, counting bananas, hunting for them in flour, looking at the recipe and many more. For Real bread day the children experimented with the bread dough, watching it rise after mixing all the ingredients together. Lastly they had fun reading and acting out our classic fairy tales from the three little pigs to Goldilocks and the three bears.

The Children had a great day, they made bread 🍞 dough. First they added bread flour, warm 💧 and then yeast. They mixed it together and then knead the bread. Once this was finished they put it in a 🍲 and waited for it to rise. They were all amazed on how much bread can rise.

In the garden we were very imaginative. We pretended our gloves 🧤 were oven gloves and pretended the small wooden balancing blocks were hot cross buns. Each time we picked up a small wooden block we put our gloves on and said “hot”. As well as making hot cross buns we also made a bird 🦅 Cage out of the soft play equipment.

The Children have been enjoying lots of water 💦 play. They had warm soapy water with the dinosaurs 🦕 where they had to make them all clean. Whilst others explored the water wall, using the wheel and chains to make the water 💦 move from top to bottom.
The children have been looking after all our wildlife 🐜🐛 by making a home for all of them to come and stay at. They used leaves 🍁 and sticks to create the house and then used paper to make it all cosy for them. We also have been practicing our counting 🔢skills today by playing hide and seek, counting how many jumps we can jump in the tyres and how many times we can walk in a circle.⭕️

The babies 👶 have been exploring their senses by exploring a sensory tray! They heard 👂 different sounds being made and different by playing with foil, tissue paper 📄 pasta 🍝 and glitter ✨
The preschool and toddlers have been playing alongside each other; and developing their hand 🤚 eye 👁️ coordination by playing a fishing 🎣 game! We had a race to see who could catch the most fish! 🐠
They have also been making different marks in flour and paint! 🎨 these early mark making skills and essential for writing ✍️ as they get older!

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