Take a look back at our week πŸ‘€


Another week full of Learning 😊 This week we have celebrated Pancake πŸ₯ž day, it’s confined lots of yummy pancakes were consumed πŸ˜‹ learning about the positive effects a small act of kindness can make, this teaches them to be mindful and friendly to all. Then learning how to look after Nature with National Bird feeder day.

Not forgetting we had #ThumbsUpForEarlyYears to show appreciation to all that work in the early year sector and the hard work they have done through these tough times.

Who had pancakes on Tuesday?
The children had pancakes for snack.
They explored the texture of the pancake mixture and used their fingers to make different marks in the mixture, they even had had a sneaky taste πŸ‘… of the mixture.
They then saw the difference in texture in before and after pancakes are made.
They played with the paper pancakes πŸ₯ž and tried to see how many they could balance on their heads before they fell off.

The children had been exploring natural resources and using them in various ways. They painted stones, sticks, soil and leaves 🍁 and made lots of different prints. They also had been seeing what letters they can write in soil and using sticks. Whilst the other children used forks, bricks, and paint brushes to see what different marks they made as well.
They have been using their imagination in the garden and pretending to be witches πŸ§™β€β™€οΈ by using water and grass to make a magic potion πŸ§ͺ and putting it into their cauldron.
They had also been exploring Dino-land πŸ¦– which had lots of sensory items to explore. They had spaghetti, blue icing sugar, oats and rocks. They were very excited to stomp the dinosaurs around in the dino swamp whilst roaring like dinosaurs. πŸ¦•

Today was national bird πŸ¦… feeding day! The children have been looking at different pictures of birds 🦒 and talking πŸ—£οΈ about their colours and what sounds they might make, what they like to eat and where they may live 🌲 We have also been dancing πŸ’ƒ to baby πŸ‘Ά shark 🦈 and joining in with the actions!

The preschool have been creating their own binoculars and then taking them into the garden with a bird 🐦 checklist too see which birds πŸ¦… they can spot!

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