🌈 Bringing smiles to the community 😃


Today our Worthing nursery received a lovely letter ✉️ from their local police station. 👮🏻‍♂️👮🏽 It was so nice to read that they love 💕 our cards that we made them. This is why we at MonkeyMoos take pride in bringing smiles to our local community in these tough times.

The manager Megan commented “We are very grateful for them and everything they do, we weren’t expecting a response so it was lovely watching the children’s faces grow into grins!”

Also Here are the responses from the children who were very excited to receive the letter.

“This makes us very happy” – L.A.
“Thank you for the letter” – M.K.
“Cool” – C.C.
“The letter makes me happy” – R.J.
“Wow” – C.M.

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