😄Happy Friday from MonkeyMoos Nursery & PreSchool 😊🐧

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What an imaginative week we have had at MonkeyMoos.

This week we have celebrated ‘National Tell a Story Week’, and ‘National Wear Red Day’. We have brought our favourite stories alive with magical activities and a dress up day, from small world storytelling, creating a puppet theatre and brining the colour red back to ladybugs and counting their spots.

The children have had a fantastic time! They had thoroughly enjoyed exploring the garden in the rain ☔️ they searched for bugs 🐛 and big puddles to jump in! They then turned their attention to some big building blocks and if they could make them bigger than themselves.

When they went in from the rain 🌧 they explored the water tray. They practiced their mathematical language by talking about their bears 🐻 and if they were big or small and how full their cups were!

They also explored a digger 🚜 tuff tray! They scooped up the rubble and helped the farmer 👩‍🌾 build a bridge 🌉 to the other side of the river 🌊!

Let’s make Incy Wincy spider! 🕷️

The Children were exploring Incy Wincy spider.🕷️ Some of the children created their own Incy Wincy spiders by painting 🧑🏼‍🎨 their hands 🙌 and pushing them onto the paper.

They had been listening 👂🏻 to lots of stories 📚 and our favourite one it the nursery rhyme book which prompted our singing 🎤 voice and of course we had to sing 🎶 Incy Wincy spider. 🕷️

The children then went on a hunt for some bears 🐻 from the story ‘we are going on a bear hunt.’ They “squelch” through the squishing mud but of course “they weren’t scared.” 😱 They then “tipped toed” all the way around being quite as they can. Unfortunately we couldn’t see any bears 🐻 but we found lots of flowers. 🌸🌼🌷🍁

The children enjoyed using their senses, In messy they played with the shaving foam rubbing into their hands and on the animals. It felt smooth, cold and looked like they were wearing gloves.

In home corner they smelt the new washing liquid bottles with their noses. They smelt nice and yummy. We did have a big talk about that we do not eat washing things as it can give us tummy aches and make us very poorly.

We enjoyed making a big castle out of duplo bricks, the castle even had its own airplane. We practised writing out our numbers and naming them as well. We enjoyed using the different colour dabbing pens putting our creativeness on colour paper.

To end the day we came up with making our own slides using the resources in the construction area. This was so much fun.

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