Christmas fun πŸŽ„


Tomorrow at monkeymoos!

One of our cheeky elf’s has taken a swim in the water tray πŸ™ˆ!

We will be practising recognising our own names and decorating our Christmas trees!

We also have some winter wonderlands to explore to engage all of our senses!

β€’ Caversham Nursery

β€’ Caversham Preschool

β€’ Caversham Daycare

β€’ Caversham Childcare 

β€’ Basingstoke Nursery

β€’ Basingstoke Preschool 

β€’ Basingstoke Daycare

β€’ Basingstoke Childcare 

β€’ Worthing Nursery

β€’ Worthing Preschool 

β€’ Worthing Daycare

β€’ Worthing Childcare

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