All the fun activities ready for Wednesday!


We cannot wait to greet the children in the morning with all the fun activities we have ready!

Come and fix the train track for the trains at Highdown or match the snowmen and the number to each other at Basingstoke. At Worthing, we are ready to make some caterpillars!

See you tomorrow for midweek fun!

  • Worthing Nursery.
  • Worthing Childcare
  • Worthing Preschool
  • Worthing Daycare
  • Basingstoke Nursery
  • Basingstoke Childcare
  • Basingstoke Preschool
  • Basingstoke Daycare
  • Caversham Nursery
  • Caversham Childcare
  • Caversham Preschool
  • Caversham Daycare

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