World Kindness day!


Today, we celebrated World Kindness Day with the children at MonkeyMoos.

The children have been talking about using their kind hands and kind words and have been helping each other all day. From helping each other make towers, to dancing with each other to make each other smile, it’s been a day full of joy and love.

We celebrated by creating hearts to give to our friends and cards to give to family members. Some of the preschoolers talked about family members who they miss such as Grandparents and decided it would be kind to make them cards to make them smile.

Our babies and toddlers also joined in with World Kindness day by making hand prints to demonstrate the use of kind hands.

Get involved and sprinkle a bit of kindness everywhere, the world needs it more than ever right now, so what a great way to celebrate!

Join us on Monday for our Diwali celebrations. Have a super weekend!

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  • Worthing Nursery
  • Caversham Preschool
  • Basingstoke Preschool
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