What An Amazing Week At MonkeyMoos!!!


We have had a wonderful and busy week we have had exploring lots of different activities around the children’s next steps, interests, book of the month, country of the month as well as our curiosity days!!

For February we are enjoying the book THE VERY HUNGRY CATERPILLER!! This is one of the children’s favourite book in all four nurseries. The children have already been having lots of fun taking part in activities that have been planned around the children next steps, interests and that are from the story THE VERY HUNGRY CATERPILLER!!

We are also enjoying learning all about PHILIPPINES. The children are exploring the country through activities, maps etc. We have also invited all of our PHILIPPINESS parents/carers into the nursery to share with everyone their culture.

Our curiosity this week were celebrating FOUR NATION RUGBY as this has started this week. The children have enjoyed playing rugby as well as learning all about each of the countries that have been playing rugby on the telly.

Lets go to the beach!πŸ–οΈThe babies bought the beach to Monkey Moos today, rushing to explore the sand using different tools and their hands!🀲

Time to move!πŸƒWe have also worked on our core strength today by doing our very own yoga movesπŸ’ƒπŸ»

Our MonkeyMoo Toddlers and Preschools have been having a blast today πŸ”₯ making their own play dough using flour, water,πŸ’§ salt, oil and food colouring 🎨 showing amazing cutting skills βœ‚at the art table making snips in paper. Over in the sand 🌴 and water πŸ’§ tray MonkeyMoos showed amazing scooping and pouring using measuring hugs and boatsβ›΅.

Lots of amazing cooking🍜 was created 🍝 in the home corner and at the tuff tray making play dough πŸ”ΆπŸ”·

Lots of MonkeyMoos are starting their adventure into potty training, using nappies, dolls, potty and dolls clothes MonkeyMoos have shown great interest and enjoyed sharing knowledge about toileting 🚽

Today in babies we’ve been exploring play dough! βœ‹Using different tools to chop and cut the play dough up. We’ve been developing our speech learning these new words as well as new actions while using these toolsβœ‚.

🐭🌱The Weather, The Gruffalo And Chit Chat 🌿🌻

Today at MonkeyMoos we were having a group time based on the weather and about how the children have been feeling this week we then started to read the grufflo book which the MonkeyMooers have been learning off by heart! They have been enjoying making the sound affects of different animals in he book.

We started off our day with morning group time!😊 Some children explored the Gruffalo tuff tray, where they used their amazing memories too recite the story through seeing all the different characters! They remembered the fox in the underground house🏚 Owl in a treetop house🌳 and a snake in a logpile house!🐍 Another group of children played a fun game of Chinese whispers!πŸ‘„ The children huddled together in a small circle to quietly whisper into each others ears, fun, different phrases! We heard, ‘I love MonkeyMoo’s🐡’ and ‘I love cheese!πŸ§€’

Bikes Bikes Bikes!🚲 In the garden the children went on a great MonkeyMoo bike race! Round the tyres and over the hills, the children pushed themselves as fast as they could on the bikes! Don’t forget to share! We had to make sure that everybody had a turn, so we flipped over the timer to know when to swap and to face against it!πŸ“Ÿ

Let’s make a shopping list!πŸ“ƒ At the art table, we flicked through some exciting, toy and activity filled magazines and picked out our favourite ones. The children then used their cutting skills to cut around all their favourite items, before sticking them onto their shopping lists!βœ‚

Happy Wednesday,

Babies have done some focused activities with putting together a peg puzzle. They did really well to take it in turns. They picked up each puzzle piece and listened to their grown ups instructions well. They also did well to repeat the words of what each puzzle piece was. πŸ‘ΆπŸ§©

In our tuff tray the children enjoyed a jelly activity. Babies came out in to the main room to take part with both toddlers and preschoolers. They were very excited to be joining in and be with the big boys and girls. Just come and take a look at how much fun they had. πŸ‘ΆπŸ–πŸ‘€

Happy Wednesday from Preschool and Toddlers! 

In the morning, we looked at some treasure baskets!! In one basket, we had some smelly sensory items. We had nature items that smelt of lavender which had been painted! We talked about where we could find these items, what they felt like, what they smelt like and if we liked the smell!!

In our other basket, we had glow in the dark sticks!! We looked at all t the colours in our basket, and then counted how many colours we had! We also then made some glowing shapes using the light sticks! We then worked together to make a glowing star and all got turns with our own light sticks!! We talked about the colours, counted, looked at shapes and watched how the colours moved in the dark!

We went to the park today! We took turns on the slide and even tried going down on our tummies!! 

We pushed each other on the swings, going SUPER high!!

We have had an amazing day!!

We have had a fun packed Tuesday filled with lots of fun activities!!!!!

Today in babies πŸ‘Ά we’ve had an amazing 🀩 day! 

We started off the morning 🌞decorating birthday 🎈 cards for our friends birthday πŸŽ‚ . We used our fine motor skills to paint 🎨 our fingers πŸ‘† and push them down onto the paper 🎨 . we then used our hands πŸ™Œ to grip onto a pencil ✏️ to write ✍️ our names!.

We then went onto exploring the baa πŸ‘ baa πŸ‘ black sheep πŸ‘ tray where we used our hands and fingers πŸ™Œ to explore the textures in the tray like cotton wool for the sheep’s πŸ‘ fur. We then used our motor skills to pick up the musical 🎢 instruments πŸ₯ and whilst listening πŸ‘‚ and singing🎀 to baa πŸ‘ baa πŸ‘ black sheep πŸ‘ we created music 🎢 with the musical 🎡 instruments 🎹.

Tremendous 😎Tuesdays with the Toddlers. 

We have some amazing animal themed activities based on South Africa πŸ‡ΏπŸ‡¦ as it’s the country of the month. We have a fantastic safari tuff tray where we had lots of different animals πŸ˜πŸ…πŸ¦πŸ¦“ and countedπŸ”’ how many we had of each of them.

We also had fun with sticky slimy pva glue to create a ferocious lion 🦁 with doilies and tissue paper with yellow 🟨 and orange 🟧 using our fine motor skills πŸ‘Œto spread the glue to make the lions 🦁 mane. 

In role play room we have had the baby πŸ‘Ά dolls out and we have been singing 🎢 them to sleep as they were very tired and crying 😒 we made them happy πŸ˜ƒ with our beautiful songs 🎢

The preschoolers had a fantastic Tuesday today doing our own dinosaur πŸ¦• fossil hunt πŸ”Ž we had lots of fun exploring the tuff tray filled with grass, sand and soil. We used different sized paint brushes πŸ–Œ to carefully brush the sand and soil around the tray to discover the different dinosaurs πŸ¦•πŸ¦–

We also enjoyed working on our recognition of the letters in the alphabet πŸ”‘ and completing our alphabet tree 🌳 the tree was filled with apples 🍎 with each letter of the alphabet on. We then used red stickers πŸ”΄ with letters on to match them to the correct letter πŸ”‘

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