This week the children at MonkeyMoos have had the chance to explore some more amazing trays!!! All three trays this week were amazing and very inviting and the children were able to learn new and different things.

Worthing have created an emergency service tuff tray where the children had to save the farm from the fire. The children have previously had a discussion about emergency services and what they can do for people. 🔥🚒🧯 Winklebury have created a colourful tuff tray, the toddlers and preschoolers have been looking at learning lots about colours and taking part in lots of colour activities in their group times. The tray was created to the children to further their learning and interest with colours. 🔴🟠🟡🟢🔵🟣🟤⚫️ Huntley Wharf have created a Jurassic World tuff tray, to help the children’s fine motor skills by using. 🦖🦕

Who will be this weeks winners……….

INTENT ~ We had created an emergency services tuff tray where they had to save the farm from the fire. We had been talking about the emergency services and what they do for people. We wanted to see what the children knew of what to do when there is danger and who to ask for in each scenario. 

IMPLEMENTATION ~ We created a fabulous farm yard with animals out of bricks making barns and gates and used yellow, red and orange lollipop sticks to represent fire. We also had a fire engine with fire people to come and rescue the animals and the farmer from the dangerous situation that they had been found in. We wanted to have the children problem solve what they should do and/or what the fire fighters do.

IMPACT ~ The children found it so cool that we have the emergency services looking after us when we are in danger. They could tell us what number we call and who to ask for such as the fire engines if there is a fire. They could also tell us that the ambulance will come if someone is hurt and the police if someone has done something they shouldn’t of done. They also said that fire fighters don’t just use hoses but sometimes put things over flames to stop them from getting bigger

INTENT ~ This tray was based on colours. The preschoolers and toddlers have been looking at and learning lots about colours and taking part in lots of colour activities in our group-times. My intent for this tray was for the children to further explore colours in a tuff tray form all together. I included primary and secondary colours in the tray also for the children to learn and explore.

IMPLEMENTATION ~ This tray consisted of coloured rice (blue, red, yellow, green, purple and orange). In each colour section, there was a variety of coloured items from around the nursery and a coloured bowl with a different resource to help the children scoop up the rice and place into the correct coloured bowl. The children all used their imaginations while they explored the tray.

IMPACT – The children really enjoyed taking part in this brightly coloured tray. The children were very eager to take part in the tray. The children were all very engaged in this tuff tray and they learnt lots from it. They learnt how to make the secondary colours (for example, blue + red = purple). They all practised their fine and gross motor skills to scoop and pour the rice into the correctly coloured bowl. The children all worked together to keep the coloured sections correct. They were all sharing and turn taking during this tray.

INTENT ~ is to help the children with their physical development such as fine motor skills by using whole hand/pincer grip. This also helps with their PSED and communication and language development as it can allow person peer communication. It helps with Maths as well as they can count the number of footprints. They can role play as they can do dinosaur noises. Literacy can also be tied into because with it being an adult led acitivity, the dinosaur story promotes imaginative skills for them to re-enact and it also improved their listening skills.

IMPLEMENTATION ~ I’m going to implement this activity by adding different materials such as soil, cereal, dinosaurs, books, paint and grass. This helps with the texture of the grass and soil and helps them to be imaginative with all the different materials provided.

IMPACT ~ the children were able to express their creative side when stomping the dinosaurs feet into paint to make different coloured patterns around the tray. This also helped children with their communication skills as the children were gathered around the treat talking about the dinosaurs coloured feet saying ‘look at the feet in the tray’ – this also helped with their mathematical skills as they were counting the footsteps found in the tray and how many dinosaurs there were.

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