This week the children at MonkeyMoos have had the chance to explore some more amazing trays!!! All three trays this week were amazing and very inviting and the children were able to learn new and different things. Worthing created their tuff tray around the current season which is winter, they wanted the babies to expand their sensory play and explore different textures. Winklebury created their tuff tray around children’s interest. The children have been reading new books and learning about volcanos, so the children made their very own volcano. Highdown created their tuff tray for the children to explore different textures and to understand the book ‘Room on the Broom’ They wanted the children to remember a particular phrase of the story as well as recognising different colours and textures. Huntley Wharf created their tuff tray around one of our weekly national days, lion day.. They recreated Leo the lion!!

Who will be this weeks winners…………

INTENT ~ For this weeks tuff tray I decided to create a tuff tray based on the current season which is winter.when exploring this tray I wanted the babies to expand their sensory play and explore many different textures. 

IMPLAMENTATION ~ When creating this tray I sectioned the tray into two sides, one side I sprinkled cornflour as fake snow for the ground and used ice to create ice moulds for the igloos as the penguins habitat. For the other side which is an understanding of the antarctic sea I placed tissue paper and jello-slush, I created waves in the jelly as a realistic effect of the sea waves. Lastly I added a variety of animals like whales, penguins and seals.

IMPACT ~ The babies loved exploring this tray, they enjoyed using their hands and fingers to feel and exploring the different sensory textures. The older babies were also able to pronounce simple words like “snow” and “ice”. The babies also loved discovering the natural textures such as snow and ice and was using their fine motor skills to move them about 

INTENT ~ This weeks tuff tray the children have enjoyed this volcano activity tray. We did this activity as a large group and before adding the things we spoke about what a volcano is and what happens when it erupts. We choose this tray because the children have enjoyed learning and looking at books with volcanos.

IMPLEMENTATION ~ In this tray we had spaghetti that we coloured green, green cornflower, flour and the children helped to make a volcano using cardboard. To erupt the volcano we used baking powder and vinegar.

IMPACT ~ The children loved watching this tray and taking part. They especially enjoyed watching the volcano erupt and was all so excited to see. They also asked a lot of questions and about volcano and did so well to listen to their grown ups. It was really lovely to see the children engaged in something together.

INTENT ~ The isn’t of my ‘Witches Cauldron Tuff Tray’ was for the children to explore different textures and to understand the book ‘Room on a Broom’. I wanted the children to recognise the passage from the book where all the animals had thrown something into the cauldron. I also wanted children to recognise the different colours and textures being used.

IMPLEMENTATION ~ I used leaf’s from the garden for the base of the tuff tray to create an ‘outside’ theme, I used a large silver tin to represent the cauldron. I had gathered some sensory bottles filled with different colours and textures. I then filled different sized bowls with milkshake powder, biscuit crumbs, taco shells and mud.

IMPACT ~ The children were all engaged in the tuff tray, they jumped right in and enjoyed the activity! The children recognised the coloured and different textures and all waited patiently for their turn to add something into the tin whilst saying magic words to create a spell! When all the ingredients were added, the children used their imaginations to come up with a name for their potion!

INTENT ~ I made a Leo the Lion tuff tray to celebrate the Lion National Day. I used different textured rice using the colour red for all age groups to enjoy as red is the first colour a baby sees and the older children can talk about colours and textures they see and feel. I also used orange and red blocks for the mane to allow the children to incorporate building and fine motor skills into their play.

IMPLEMENTATION ~ I had used red and orange for colouring for the base of the tuff tray to create a lion for the children to explore the king of the jungle and also textures and colours for babies using the rice, enabling them to use their hands and mouth to feel them.

IMPACT ~ All age groups were intrigued by the tray and showed a high level of enegagement . The pre-schoolers were able to identify the colours and the animal in the tuff tray, talking about what animals other animals may be found in the jungle and what lions eat. The babies loved exploring the rice using their mouth and hands to feel the different textures of the tray.

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