This week at Winklebury we have been doing different activities. On Monday we did ‘DRESS UP DAY.’ The children all came into nursery dressed up in their favourite fancy dress costumes. On Tuesday we did mad hair day. This was amazing so many different hair styles which were impressive. On Wednesday it was cake sale day. Children brought in cakes for us to sell and some parents did well to make cakes. On Thursday we did a sponsored walk day and the children did so well to come out in the rain and do some walking. To end the week on Friday it was dress spotty day and the children did well to take part and dress spotty.

The whole point of this was to raise money for Children in need which we did so well with. At MonkeyMoos Winklebury we raised a whooping £565. This is going to help so many different children that are in need!

At MonkeyMoos highdowns they did well to make awareness of Children in need. On Friday the children enjoyed decorating their very own pudsey bears. The children all had a conversation about CHILDREN IN NEED and why we need to make awareness!! The children also enjoyed their pudsey shaped cookie which they received from HUNGRYMOOSE for their pudding at lunch time.

At MonkeyMoos Huntley Wharf, we celebrated Children In Need on Friday!! The babies have had fun exploring the play dough which we made spotty for ‘Children in Need’. They have enjoyed feeling the texture of the play dough and the felt fabric together and liked to squash them with their fingers.

Toddlers and preschool have created their very own Pudsey bear using paint markets to create Pudsey’s spots on his bandana. Toddlers and Preschool also enjoyed completing their hopscotch challenge in the garden, counting each number as they hopped on one leg.

At MonkeyMoos Worthing, We celebrated Children In Need on Friday!! In babies and toddlers they have loved exploring our chilodren in need sensory tuff tray where they got involved eating a really big Pudsey bear made out of cereal. They also carefully took turns in dabbing the spots on pudsey’s eye patch using a cotton bud.

In preschool we used our fine motor skills using scissor to cut out polka dots for Pudsey’s bandana. We then used clue sticks to glue down the cut out polka dots. We have had a teddy bear picnic with our teddies we helped give them food and drink and they had a wonderful time. We used our fine motor skills to decorate Pudsey we had the choice of what paints we wanted to use and if we wanted to use paintbrush or a cotton bud.

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