HALLOWEEN at MonkeyMoos


All the children at MonkeyMoos celebrated Halloween on Tuesday 31st October, each nursery set up a variety of different activities to help promote all areas of learning but in a fun and spooky way!!


All the children dressed up!! We had some witches, skeletons, spider-man and even woody from Toy Story. The children also enjoyed taking part in some Halloween art and craft they made ghosts using their feet and white paint, pumpkins using orange paint and black shapes to make funny faces. The preschoolers enjoyed going out in the community to find the best decorated houses.

All the children had he best afternoon as they invited their parents to come in and join in with the Halloween fun. The children got to make some magic witches potions with jelly, shaving form and some halloween sprinkles, they carved out pumpkins with funny faces, they made chocolate coloured apples slices with halloween sprinkles and they even got to eat some spooky themed fruit and some blue potion milk.


The children had an amazing day celebrating Halloween. They started the day getting creative and decorating their own Halloween decorations and cards. They used glue stick and tissue paper and shapes in Halloween colours. They also enjoyed playing in a Halloween sensory tray. They were able to make marks in the purple sand and pick up the pasta bats. They moved them around the tray and ran the sand through their fingers.

The toddlers had a spooky filled day doing lots of fun activities. They made their own chocolate apples to take home with them. They worked together to put lollipop sticks in the apples and then held them in their hands and swirled them around lots of chocolate they then added lots and lots of sprinkles on top! The toddlers also enjoyed the tuff tray which was filled with lots of different things for them to explore! They explored the soil with the rakes and spades, they had fun looking at the different textures of shaving foam and different cereals.

The preschool we have had so much fun celebrating halloween. They all took part in fun messy halloween jelly tuff tray. They used their senses to explore the tray. They spoke about the different insects in the tray and where they live. They also enjoyed dipped cut apples into orange paint to create their own small spooky pumpkin designs. At circle time all the preschoolers had a conversations about everyone’s different outfits.


Happy Halloween! Take a look at our spooky activity filled day! The children were excited to show off their costumes, headbands, glasses and accessories! They showed their spookiest smiles in front of the bats which made a home on the MonkeyMoo door!

To start of the MonkeyMoo Halloween party, we enjoyed some ghost crumpets with our favourite toppings, strawberry jam, honey and butter! The pumpkins had on their scary faces but the children decided that they needed to be decorated! They used green and red paint to cover the pumpkins with spots and stripes. The children also added sequins and real flowers to make the pumpkins even more fabulous!

Trick or treat…but with a twist! Hidden in the green spaghetti, brown baked beans, orange rice pudding and orange jelly were special bubbles for all the MonkeyMooers! We reached inside the yucky messy to find the bubbles hidden deep inside! We spent all day dancing to lots of different Halloween music. We enjoyed the monster mash ghost busters and a fun game of musical statues! 

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