We have had a wonderful and busy week we have had exploring lots of different activities around National Days. The children have had fun learning all about USA, they had learning all about the different landmarks, they learnt that the food is exactly the same as we get in England and HUNGRYMOOSE was kind enough to make the the children some yummy American brownies. The children also enjoyed ‘National Post Day’ some of the children made their very own post cards and posted lovely pictures they had made for each other, some of the others made their very own post cards and they even wrote letters and then went out for a walk to find a real post box to post their letters for friends and family. And lastly the children enjoyed ‘Train your brain day’, the children all talked about their brains and what make their brains work, the children also enjoyed making their own brain out of play dough.


Today at Monkey Moo’s we have had so much fun looking at the USA 🇺🇸🗽 and lots of messy fun!! 🎨

Today the babies have had lots of fun playing and exploring!. They’ve enjoyed getting messy in shaving foam! Using paintbrushes and their hands to touch the shaving foam and mix it around. 🫧

The babies have also enjoyed lots of different activities such as reading stories with friends📚, looking through the wooden mirrors 🪞at our reflections and drawing beautiful pictures on paper plates!. ✍🏻🎨

In the morning, we did lots of building 👷‍♀️! We built our own towers 🗼 with Lego blocks, the toddlers loved 💙 using the Lego 🧱. Our preschoolers also enjoyed lots of building, and built their own Statue of Liberty 🗽💙 using wooden blocks! 

In the messy room today, we had a DINOSAUR SWAMP 🦖🦕🌳🪨!!

The children loved 💙 this tray as they all have such a big interest in dinosaurs! We did lots of stomping 👣 and jumping 🆙. Eventually the children ended up creating their own game of Stomping Dinosaurs!! 

Our preschoolers had so much fun at the park 🛝🏞 today. We loved our chasing 🏃‍♂️💨 game, and spinning the roundabout as fast as we could!!

In the afternoon, we have enjoyed lots and lots of playtime with all our friends 👯‍♂️, before having jacket potato 🥔 and vegetable curry 🥘 for tea!! 

Happy Monday!😊 Today we have been celebrating National Post Day!📮

In the tuff tray we took a trip to the beach to write some post cards💌, build sandcastles🏝 and find some fish!🐠  

The children enjoyed role playing a post office in the home corner📩 We wrote letters to our families and friends👭, folded them into an envelope and posted them through the letter box📮

During a group time we loved talking about what we had been up to this weekend✨ Some of us went to the park to feed the ducks🐥, others went to a birthday party🎈 Some children explored London🌆and practiced riding scooters and bikes!🚲 

Garden play was lots of climbing, tennis🎾 and football⚽️. We stacked together all the tyres and crawled up them on our hands and knees, we also turned them into tunnels! We played many games of tennis and football in teams of two, always cheering for each other😁

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