This week the children at MonkeyMoos have had the chance to explore some more amazing trays!!! All three trays this week were amazing and very inviting and the children were able to learn new and different things. Worthing created a construction themed tuff tray for all the babies to explore. The aim was to encourage the babies to have an understanding of what builders do on a daily basis. And Winklebury created a recycling themed tuff tray, this was aimed around recycling week national days. The aim was to give the children the opportunity to learn all about recycling and which objects can be recycled where and how!

Who will be this weeks winners…………

Worthing’s Construction Tuff Tray

INTENT ~ For the tuff tray this week I decided to create a tray all about construction for them to enjoy and explore . I created this tuff tray  because I wanted the babies to have an understanding of what builders do on a day to day basis.

IMPLEMENTATION ~ To create this tray I sprinkled half the tray with sand and the other half with 3 different types of cereals such as; cheerios, weetabix and cornflakes, I also used cocoa powder as `mud` I used these materials as it is something the babies can truly enjoy exploring by using there touch, taste and sound senses, furthermore with the construction theme I also provided helmets so they can role-play being a builder. 

IMPACT ~ The babies absolutely loved exploring this tuff tray, they loved using the tractors and diggers to scoop up the sand they also really enjoyed using the crate to hold and transfer blocks to make a `tower` and lastly some off the older babies even said `car` and `tractor` as they were enjoying exploring 

Winklebury’s Recycling Tuff Tray

INTENT ~ This week’s tuff tray was based around National Recycling Week! I thought this tray would be a great opportunity for the children to learn all about recycling and to separate the recycling items into specific categories (eg. Cardboard and plastic). 

IMPLEMENTATION ~ This tray consisted of a variety of recycling items, which included: plastic bottles, milk bottles, cereal boxes, chocolate box etc. I used pictures of plastic items and cardboard items to help the children identify which item belongs where. I used a white chalk pen to draw a divide for the plastic side and the cardboard side. 

IMPACT ~ The children really enjoyed taking part in this tuff tray. I explained to the children how this tuff tray works and they listened very carefully. They asked lots of questions about recycling and they engaged in conversations with each other to complete this tray. They also worked together to identify if the item was plastic or cardboard. 

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