What a lovely week we have had at MonkeyMoos


We have had a wonderful week exploring lots of different activities around National Days. The children have been enjoying ‘Tooth fairy day’! The children learnt how to look after their teeth by brushing twice a day as well as knowing what is healthy and unhealthy to eat.

We have also had a great day learning all about Oman. We learnt where Oman was and all about what you can do, what they eat and also how they use different pennies to us.

And lastly we enjoyed about learning all about WAFFLES. We learnt about the different types of waffles and what we can eat with a waffle. As well how to make waffles

Tooth Fairy Tuesday! 

Today in preschool we have had so much fun 🤩 celebrating 🥳 tooth 🦷 fairy 🧚‍♀️ day.

We have used our fine motor skills to mark make in our fairy dust tuff tray. We made fairy dust from pink 👚food colouring, salt 🧂, different coloured glitter ✨, snow ❄️ flakes. We used our fingers 🖖 to made different marks❌, ⭕️ and ‼️

We really enjoyed taking part in a teeth 🦷 brushing activity. We independently used a tooth 🦷 brush to take away the plac on the teeth. We dipped the tooth brush in the water 💦 and cleaned the laminated teeth. We also had a discussion about when we brush our teeth and how we brush our teeth 🦷.

With some help from our adults we organised pictures of foods 🍔 into healthy foods and unhealthy foods we looked and pictures of fruits 🍉 🍓🍇🍎vegetables 🥒🥔🌽 dinners and things like yummy cake 🍰. We spoke about what foods are good for you and what foods to have in moderation.

The babies 👶 and toddlers 👧🧒have also had so much fun 🤩 celebrating 🥳 tooth 🦷 fairy 🧚🏻‍♀️ day! 

We started off the day brushing and cleaning teeth🤩🦷 we used our fine motor skills to pick up the toothbrushes 🪥 and scrub the “dirt” of the teeth 🦷. We also used the tooth brushes to model how we brush 🪥our teeth 🦷 

We then decorated our own tooth’s🦷using our gross motor skills🤩 we dipped the spatula into the glue and spread it across the tooth. We then stuck on some cotton wool with our hands 🙌 

In the garden 🪴 we had lots of fun exploring the glittery✨ Fairy water tray 💦 we put our aprons on and used paint brushes 🖌to swirl and mark marks in the glittery ✨water 💦 we loved watching the glitter ✨ move around the water 💦

Today the children have spent time in the garden looking for spiders. They looked between the wooden fences and in the grass, they also found cobwebs in the corners. 👧👦🕸🪴 👀 🕷

In the messy room the children enjoyed making flowers using cake cases, lollipop stick and glue. They focused for a long amount of time. They also enjoyed playing in the messy tray with was a unicorn themed tray. It had spaghetti and different colour paints all mixed together. This was very fun and very messy. 👧👦🎨🍝🦄💐🌺🌸

In the garden we enjoyed lots of physical activities. First we enjoyed playing with the parachute and using a football. We placed the football in the middle and the children had to move the parachute very fast to get the ball out. Once the ball got out they quickly put it back again. Then they enjoyed a sake race. They lined up waited for “Ready, Steady Go” and raced to the finish line. They all did so well. 👧👦 ⚽️ 🪂🪴

This afternoon after tea the children had a game of long distant jumping using our number line in the garden. The way each stood on the ramp and waited their go. One at a time the children jumped as far as they could and were so impressed with the number that they landed on. 👧👦👣

Babies have enjoyed exploring out in the big room. They enjoyed mark making on the writing boards and on paper. They did some lovely mark making with their grown ups. They really enjoyed exploring the tuff tray and enjoyed all the messy textures. 👶👩🖐✏️🖍

Yummy, yummy in my tummy, today we have celebrated National Waffle Day!🧇

For morning stack we sat down with all our friends to create our own yummy mini waffle🧇 We had such a hard decision to make, choosing between chocolate🍫, strawberry🍓 and honey🍯 sauce for our toppings! Once the decision was made, we scoffed down our mini waffles talking about how delicious there were! 

Colour mixing!🌈 We painted one hand red🔴and one hand green🟩 and then predicted what colour it would make if we rubbed our hands today! Some of us predicted the paint would turn rainbow, others thought pink and a few of us guessed black! We had to find out what the answer would be so we rubbed our hands together to reveal… brown!🤎

Bikes🚲, Balls🎾 and field fun! In the afternoon we raced out onto the field to enjoy the warm sunshine! Some of us played catch and some of us played football⚽️ We raced around, seeing just how fast we could go and then tested out if we could run faster than the bikes!🏃🏻‍♀️

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