Amazing week at MonkeyMoos


We have had a wonderful week exploring lots of different activities around National Days. The children have been enjoying ‘I LOVE MY FEET DAY’ they all got to experiment how different resources felt with their feet rather than their hands!

We have also had a great day learning all about lizards on ‘National Lizard Day’ we have learnt all the different types of lizards, where they live and what they eat!

And lastly HungryMoose provided us with lots of fun activities about POTATOES for ‘Potato day’!! They also provided us with some potatoes for lunch and tea. They children enjoyed learning about different potatoes and how they grow!!

Babies have spent lots of time on their fine motor skills today. They enjoyed banging on the musical instruments and singing nursery rhymes to the babies. Then they enjoyed shaking the sensory bottles and watching what is happening. 👶🥁🎹

They spent some time in the messy room and enjoyed picking up a paint brush with their hands and mark making in the flour that was in the tray. 👶🖌

Whilst out for a walk with the preschoolers. We played “The Gruffalo” game. We had to use our imagination to find things from the story and the children took charge of the walk and told us grown ups which way to go. They children enjoyed finding feather from an owl, looking for foot prints from a fox and looking for snake shaped sticks. We also found a very large log to sit on to have a rest from all the searching. 👦👧👩🪵 🐍 🦊🦉🪶

In the messy room the children enjoyed mark making using a paint brush in flour. They did really well at listening to their grown ups and trying so their best to write letters in the flour. 👧👦👩🖌🔡

The children also enjoyed playing a game of “Catch the fish” They used a fishing rod and had to catch the fish by the magnetic part. They all did so well and loved this game. 👧👦🎣

What a fantastic, sunny Tuesday we have had at MonkeyMoo’s today!⭐️

We started off our morning by heading out onto the field, to run around and enjoy the sunshine!☀️ Some of us raced around on the bikes, going as fast as we could! We enjoyed picking flowers🌹from the grass and playing tag!

We then headed back into the garden to cool down with some soapy water play!🫧 We used the bubbly water to scrub different objects to make them shiney and clean! These included, cups, plates, spoons and baking trays!🥄

For our afternoon group time, we explored all the different emotions we could show within our faces!😮 We expressed happiness😊 sadness☹️ anger😖 and much more!

Letters and writing has also been a big interest today✍🏼 Some children have been searching for different letters which were hidden inside mountains of flour! Whilst other children have practiced writing their names on the whiteboards and the chalkboards!

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