Happy FABULOUS Friday!!!

What a busy week with have had at MonkeyMoos this week. We started off the week with a teddy bears picnic where all the children brought in their favourite teddy to join them with a picnic tea. We also learnt all about Jamaica, the children were able to learn all about the country, their language, the food that they eat. The children also learnt that famous runners who were originally from Jamaica and they went ahead a won some medals in the olympics. And lastly the children learnt about the different kinds of bugs and where the live as well what they may do on a daily basis from be nice to bugs day.

Let’s celebrate with our favourite Teddy Bear!!!

Today in babies 👶 we have loved 🥰 celebrating 🥳 teddy bear 🧸 picnic 🧺 day! 

We started off the day exploring a Goldilocks and the 3 bears 🐻 🐻🐻 tray feeding the bears 🐻 some lovely porridge 🥣. The babies 👶 used a spoon 🥄 to scoop up the porridge 🥣 before lifting it to their mouths 👄 pretending to feed them. 

We then ventured inside to have a teddy bear 🧸 picnic 🧺 with our friends and our teddies 🧸. We sat down around the tray and began to feed our teddy bears 🧸 some yummy 😋 food including pizza 🍕, pears 🍐 and some chips 🍟. 

Later on we all got to decorate our own teddy bears 🧸 using different coloured paint 🎨, glitter ✨ and tissue paper 📑. The babies 👶 moved the paintbrushes 🖌 over the paper before using a pinch 🤏 grasp to sprinkle the glitter ✨ on top.

Today in toddlers👫 we have been celebrating national teddy 🧸bears picnic day! 🧺We had lots of fun celebrating this by showing all of our teddies to our friends!

We have also enjoyed playing in the role play room🎭having ice creams 🍦and cakes! 🍰We also enjoyed making some smoothies with our role play smoothie maker! 🫗We used a knife🍴 to chop the food in half and then blend it in the blender! 

On top of this we have been using our imagination✨ to make our own designs with the stickle bricks! 🧱We pushed them together and put them on top of each other to create our own structures!

It’s national teddy bear 🧸 picnic 🧺 day today! The preschoolers had lots of fun 🤩 celebrating together! 

In the creative room we made our own sandwiches 🥪 for our teddy bear picnic 🧸 we buttered 🧈 our bread 🍞 using a knife 🍴 and then choose which filling we would like. We choose either strawberry jam 🍓 or cheese 🧀 

During circle time we read our favourite story books 📚 to our favourite teddy bears 🧸 we sat down together and listened to our adults read to us 🗣

We had lots of fun in the tuff tray creating our very own teddy bears picnic 🧺 using the role play food 🥨🍰cups ☕️ and tea pot 🫖to have lots of fun with our teddy bears 🧸.

The sun is shining which means…..ICECREAM! 🍦

Today we have been celebrating lollypop day. We started of with a tuff tray full of different size icecream cones and lots of different colourful flowers 💐. With this we were able to design out own icecream of tasty, yummy flavours. Once the ice creams were ready we enjoyed sharing them with our friends as well as cheering before we enjoyed the taste.

As it was so sunny ☀️ some of the ice lollies had melted. We put on our aprons and got stuck in trying to rebuild the lollies as best as we could. We then decided it wasn’t working so the best way was to mix it all together and create a new tasty flavour which we all called “rainbow” flavour.

The garden has been a big hit today we’re we have been building 🧱 our own obstacle course out of the tyres and blocks and balanced our way across, holding our hands 🙌 out for balance. Afterwards we learned how to jump very high and very low, using the beanbag as a crash landing.

To help us with our muscles we did some yoga 🧘‍♂️ were we took lots of deep breaths and stretched our arms, legs and bodies to make sure we were all relaxed after a great day.

Throughout the day we have been building with the blocks to create trains 🚂, bus’s 🚎, and other transports to go to some fantastic places such as the beach 🏖️ . We also had a bin man truck 🛻 to say hello to. We all raced to the gate and watched as it used its special equipment to lift up the bins and empty the rubbish.

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