It has been a lovely week in the sunshine! How are we in JUNE already!! Time does fly when you are having fun!! We have had another busy week at MonkeyMoos celebrating lots of national days. On Tuesday was creativity day everyone became artist for the day, Wednesday was German day all the children learnt about different German places and how to say ‘Good morning’, ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ in German and Thursday was Dinosaur day which was fun as dinosaurs are always a huge interest of the children’s.

What a busy Wednesday we have had!😊

Welcome to Paris!🇫🇷 Our travellers took to the tuff tray to explore the French cuisine by looking at different foods such as croissants, eggs, cheese, macarons and baguettes. The children enjoyed using knives and different toppings such as apricot jam, strawberry jam and rice to add to their foods. 🥐

Welcome to our café!☕️ Next our children took a trip to a relaxing café in France where they were able to endulge in yummy pastries, baguettes, tea and cheese whilst making their own foods out of play dough. 🥖

Who can fill up the bug jars?🫙 Outside, the explorers rushed to the wood chips where they were tasked to find different bugs such as wood louse, wasps, stag beetles and dragon flies and place each insect into a jar h til they were all full.🦟

How do you feel?😊 The Monkey Mooers focused on exploring their emotions today by looking at different facial expressions and working together to show off how they feel by scrunching up their faces to show anger, grinning wide to show happy and putting their hands to their face to show they are excited or shocked. 😡

BBQ time!⏱Our preschoolers took to the field to have their very own Monkey Moos bbq where they learnt all about fire safety by sitting on their own logs behind the safety line whilst watching the tasty food to cook on the fire before tucking into yummy cheese or jam bbq rolls.😋

It’s been a ”Roarsome Day for our little dinosaurs. It’s dinosaur Day so let’s heat you “Roarrrr”

This morning the children enjoyed sitting down as a group talking about all things dinosaurs. We spoke about what each dinosaur was called and the children did amazing to know their correct names. All grown ups were super impressed. We spoke about what they like to eat and drink and why they have sharp claws and teeth. 👧👦👩🦷🦖🦕

In the tuff tray the children enjoyed playing in our dinosaur popcorn themed tray. Although the pop corn was meant for the dinosaurs then children did a great job helping them to eat it. Not a single popcorn was left in the tray. 👦👧🦕🦖🍿

Down in the messy room the children enjoyed playing in the dinosaur swamp in the tray. There was soil and wet cornflour and lots of dinosaurs. The children enjoyed getting the dinosaurs muddy and spent so long in the tray playing nicely together. 👧👦🦖🦕

On the table in both writing area and messy room the children enjoyed making and drawing their own dinosaurs. They used pencils, crayons, paints and stickers. 👦👧🎨✏️🖍

Babies have enjoyed playing with the dinosaurs in their sensory tray and they also loved practicing their roaring skills. 👶✋🦖🦕

They also enjoyed making dinosaurs foot prints using dinosaurs and stamping them in to the paint. Just look how much fun theyare having. 👶🎨🦕🦖

Happy Thursday ☀️

We have had so much fun 🤩in baby 👶room today and we have had so much fun exploring a gingerbread man tuff tray! We loved exploring each of the characters 🧑‍🌾👩‍🍳👩‍✈️that were attached to the blocks🧱 as well as using our imagination to explore the farmyard animals! 🐷🐐🐴🐄We also had lots of fun reading the story of the gingerbread man and loved practicing our speech by sousing RUN!!!

Today we have had lots of fun becoming dinosaurs🦖 by wearing our own dinosaur masks! We roared and stomped🦕 around the room whilst also role playing with the dinosaurs! On top of this we were very intrigued look at different pictures of dinosaurs in our dinosaur book!📚

On top of this we have had lots of fun exploring a fun and colourful water 💦tray in the garden! 🌳☀️We used our fine motor skills to hold onto and squeeze💥 the bottles that were filled with different coloured water! We watched as all of the colours mixed together!🌈

Today the toddlers have had some fun! 🤩

The toddlers have been working on their fine motor ✋as they have been using some tweezers to pick up a range of different things in the water 💦 tray, such as Pom poms and feathers 🪶 ! Using their hand ✋ eye 👁 coordination they moved the items from the water 💧 into the bowl! 🥣

The toddlers have also been doing some mark making with the cars 🚘 on a big piece of paper 📑 with some paint 🎨 on. They pushed the cars 🚘 back 🔙and forth ➡️on the paper making lots of different car tracks🚘🛤 and mixing the paints together!

The toddlers have also been exploring in a beach🏖 themed tray full of seas animals🐬🐠🐙 and different types if rubbish.🧋🧃🍬The toddlers have been learning that it is important to keep the sea 🐬animals safe from rubbish. 🍬🧃The toddlers picked out the rubbish 🧋and placed into the bin 🗑 making the beach all clean.🫧🧹

The preschoolers had so much fun today 😄

This morning the role play room opened up its very own ice cream 🍦 parlour 😋. We used the puppet stand to take our orders📝 and used real ice cream cones 🍦 and different coloured tissue paper💗🤎🤍 to represent the flavour of ice cream 🍨 we took it in turns to say which ice cream we liked and wanted to order! And of course had lots of fun trying the ice cream cones 🍦😋 

We also had lots of fun in the garden 🪴 some of us decided to play in the mud kitchen👩‍🍳 and make us adults different dinners for us to try🍽 we used our imagination and all the cooking utensils to help us😀

In the creative room made chocolate 🍫 Rice Krispie cakes🧁 our adults melted the chocolate for us 🍫and then it was our job to mix the chocolate into the Rice Krispies using a spoon🥄 and then using the spoon to🥄scoop the mixture into the cupcake cases🧁and let them set ready for us to take them home😋

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