Happy Friday to all our MonkeyMooers.


It has been a lovely week in the sunshine! We are nearly at the middle of the year, it’s been whizzing by! This week we have celebrated Victoria Day which was a day that Canada created to celebrate Queen Victoria. However, all of our little ones called Victoria thought they had a day all about them! HungryMoose provided us with an Egyptian style pudding for Egypt, delicious! We have also been enjoying our outside spaces and going for walks in the local environment. Another lovely week at MonkeyMoos.

As today is scavanger hunt day the children have enjoyed various activities based on this day.
In the tuff tray the children enjoyed finding lots of different objects, toys and so much more. They digged with their hands and looked through magnifying glasses till they found something. 👶👦✋🦖🧱🪥🔑 🔎

In the messy tray the children enjoyed finding treasure. There was lots of soil so the children had to use the diggers to find it. Once it was found they had to keep it safe in a treasure chest. They had so much fun with their grown ups with this activity. 👧👦✋👩💰💎

They also had fun playing in the tuff tray with the sand and seeing what they could find. They were happy with just making marks in the sand and enjoyed the texture in their hands. 👶✋

They also have enjoyed playing in the garden building with the mega blocks, playing with the sorting toys in the main room with the big boys and girls and very much enjoyed looking at books.

Today we have been super busy bees! 🐝 We started of our day with abit of nature and insects. We had a jar 🫙 and lots of different insects 🐞 that needed to be in the jar. We had to put on our listening 👂 skills and listen for how many insects 🕷️ we needed to put in the jar, at the end we then counted them all up. ⬆️

Following the interest of bugs 🐜 we went into the garden where we searched high ⬆️ and low ⬇️ under the logs 🪵, in the soil, in the trees 🌳 and anywhere we thought they might be hiding.

Next stop we have been burning 🔥 of our energy by playing games of ‘I spy” 🕵️‍♀️ and football ⚽️! Using the ball we could say “I spy with my little eye something…..” and we would then have to run 🏃🏻‍♀️ around the garden trying to find it. Football we encouraged all our friends to join in by shouting “big kick!” And kicking the ball as hard as we could.

What shall we find on our walk?….💭 on a outing we went searing for some food for the worry monster. We crossed the roads safely and looked for any cars 🚗 and then marched our way to the field. We then picked up all the nature food that we knew that the worry monster would find tasty. 😋 For the worry monster we were able to find bark, flowers 🌸, sticks and leaves 🍃, ready for us to feed the worry monster our feelings.

The babies 👶 have had lots of fun today. 

They have loved spending lots of time in the warm sunshine ☀️ in the garden 🪴. They played in lots of different water 💧 trays using jugs, spoons 🥄 and bowls 🥣 to scoop up the bubbly🫧 water 💦. The babies 👶 used their hands 🙌 to splash up and down. They liked playing on the slide 🛝 , bikes 🚲 and with the trucks 🛻 too. 

The babies 👶 have also enjoyed playing sensory blocks tray, shaking and squeezing them listening 👂 to the noises they made. The practitioners told the babies 👶 each colour of the block with some of them repeating them 🔴🟡🔵🟣. 

They later on enjoyed playing with the song 🎶 spoons 🥄. Each choosing a song 🎶 to sing 🎤 with Alice. They copied the actions moving their whole bodies to the songs.

Today in toddlers👫 we have moved practicing our counting 🔢skills by grouping all of our baby dinosaurs together! 🦖Using our fine motor skills we held and squeezed🫳🤏 the tweezers together to pick up the dinosaurs! 🦕We then counted how many we could pick up and put into our dinosaur nests! 🪺

We then decided to test our construction 👷‍♀️skills by building 🏗our very own path to walk across! As the path kept breaking 💥we worked together to fix it! We had lots of fun making lots of different shapes paths for us to balance and walk across!🚶‍♂️🚶🏻‍♀️

On top of this we have also had so much fun role playing 🎭as doctors and nurses 👩‍⚕️🧑‍⚕️to look after our poorly babies! 🤒We used stethoscopes and other tools to make them feel better!👶

The preschoolers had lots of fun today 😄

To start off the day we made our own Eiffel towers out of spaghetti 🍝 and marshmallows 😋 we used our fine motor skills to pierce the spaghetti 🍝 through the marshmallows 😋 so that the spaghetti will connect to each other! We had lots of fun seeing what we could create we made amazing towers 🗼 and had lots of fun trying the marshmallow once we had finished😋

In the construction room we guessed how high the Eiffel Tower could be?🇫🇷 some of us said “it’s the tall tower” and some of us said it’s a “big tower” and it’s “bigger and bigger than me”. We used the big building blocks 🧱to help us work out how tall the tower could be🤷‍♀️we also worked together to make our own Eiffel towers!  

In the role play room we decorated some pictures with French words on them🇫🇷 with support from our adults we took it in turns saying 🗣the words in English 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿and then in French 🇫🇷 we love learning new words especially in another language 😄

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