A beautiful week at MonkeyMoos.


Another week closer to Summer! We hope you all had a wonderful Coronation weekend, the children have been sharing their experiences across all of our sites and it has been wonderful hearing about all the fun things which they did to celebrate the Kings Coronation. We started the week with our ‘Hurray for Buttons’ day! The children used buttons in their every day play developing their imaginative skills and their mathematical skills. We also took a trip to Denmark for the HungryMoose themed day of the week, exploring the culture, rivers and flags in Denmark. And finally we all wore our sunglasses for shades day! Lets hope it brings the sunshine.

What a Button-tastic day!

To kick start our day from the long weekend we all spoke about our great weekends! Some of us went to the cinema🍿, some watched the coronation🇬🇧 and some of us got back from a holiday at the seaside!🏖

How many different ways can you explore buttons?….. We have been threading 🧵 the buttons through string and pipe cleaners to see how many buttons we could add on by counting🔢. We have been forming letters 🔤 with the buttons and got to pick which letters we wanted to practice by sounding out the letter. We have finished with creation beautiful button pictures by talking about different shapes ▪️ and sizes. ⬆️

What’s that noise?…💭 We all raced to the fence and had a look up ⬆️ down ⬇️ and all around and found out it was the bin man! We were all so excited to watch as it used it special machine to lift up the bin 🗑 to take away. We all cheered 🙌 as it reversed out the car park.

In the afternoon it was perfect weather for flower💐 picking! We all put on a yellow 💛vests and spoke about road safety before crossing the roads and watching out for the cars. 🚗 We then all agreed on a safe place to pick the flowers off all different colours. We had yellow flowers 🌼, white flowers and even purple flowers.

Today in our tuff tray we had a dinosaur going to school theme. The children followed the routine of school and enjoyed the different textures. The textures were cooked spaghetti and play dough, sand as well as dinosaurs, crayons, paint and the children names. The children had lots of fun in this tray. 👦👧🍝🦕🦖🖍🖌

In the messy room the children enjoyed playing in the water with boats, and filling up the box with water. The children were using the nosel and pouring the water out of the box and filling the water in to the boats. They had so much fun. 👦👧🚤 💦

As today is Denmark Day the children enjoyed making a Denmark flag at the table. They had red paint and red pipe cleaners and white paper. 👦👧📄🇩🇰🎨

Babies have had a great time in their messy tray in their room. In the tray they had colour water. The babies loved splashing and had lots of fun with their peers and grown ups. 👶💦👩
The babies also had some time with the musical instrument. The babies enjoyed banging on the instruments using their hands to make lots of noise. 👶🎶✋

We have had a fantastic🤩 Friday in babies and toddlers today! 👫We started our morning by exploring the garden and colouring in our own sunglasses pictures! 🕶😎We selected lots of colourful crayons 🖍and used our fine motor skills to hold and make marks with them! 

Today we have also loved exploring a sensory ✨car track filled with cocoa powder and cereal! 🥣Some of us enjoyed pushing the cars 🚗🚙along the track whilst some of us wanted to taste test the cereal and cocoa powder! 👅

We have also enjoyed using our thinking 🧠hats to put lots of puzzle pieces🧩 into the correct places! 

On top of this today we have loved having a dance💃🕺 to lots of action songs with our grown ups! 🎶

The preschoolers had lots of fun today celebrating shades😎day!

This morning we went into the creative room and decorated different pictures that represent sunny days☀️ there were 

flip flops🩴 sunglasses🕶 and sun hat👒 we used lots of different coloured paints🎨and sponges🧽 to dab the paint on our pictures, we used the crayons too🖍

In the construction room we did our own experiment🧪 the tray was filled with tissue paper 📄 and cups of water💦 in different colours, there was blue💙yellow 💛and red❤️ we used the pipettes by squeezing the water 💦 on to the paper to mix the colours🌈 we loved seeing the colours we created☺️

We also did a sorting colours activity! For this we used the stickle bricks🧱 we used the red ❤️yellow 💛 green💚 and blue 💙 bricks we worked as a team to separate them into the correct colours 😀.

We hope you have a great weekend!!

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