This weekend is King Charles’ Coronation and the children at MonkeyMoos could not be any more excited. They have been enjoying learning all about what a Coronation is and who King Charles is. They have been expecting a visit at our MonkeyMoos sites all week, so we have been letting them know just how busy King Charles is this weekend and that they will be able to see him on their TV or at the palace.

We have had afternoon tea or coronation parties at all of our nurseries, complete with Kings, Queens and patriotic colours. HungryMoos delivered us a very special afternoon tea on Friday for our celebrations too! British Values are embedded into our nurseries and thats why we all celebrated the Kings Coronation in such big style. We hope you all have a lovely weekend celebrating too.

Today in babies 👶 we have been celebrating 🥳 the Kings coronation that’s this weekend!!

At snack time we had a royal 🤴 tea ☕️ party 🎊 with some scones with strawberry 🍓 jam, and some milk 🥛. The babies 👶 explored the scones and jam, it was yummy 😋 and sweet. 

The babies 👶 also liked cutting some cupcakes 🧁 into slices, counting them as they did this, 1️⃣2️⃣3️⃣. The babies 👶 even used their taste 👅 sense to try the cupcakes 🧁 these were also very yummy 😋. 

The babies 👶 liked doing some mark making on some British flags 🇬🇧. They used some blue 🔵 and red 🔴 crayons in a whole hand grasp to make lots of different marks on the flags.

It’s national cupcake🧁 day and today we have loved decorating our own cupcakes!✨We chose which colour cupcake case we wanted and then spread lots of chocolate on top! We then added lots of sprinkles 🍥using our fine motor skills! We loved tasting the cupcakes!😋

Today we have also had lots of fun 🤩building a small world train track 🛤with lots of bridges 🌉in it! We used our thinking 🧠hats to come up with different ways to build the track and the drive our trains 🚂around it! 

On top of this we have particularly enjoyed the technology toys 👨‍💻📞📸and we have enjoyed calling 📲and writing messages to our mummies, daddies and other family members!👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

The preschoolers had a fantastic day celebrating cupcake day🧁 and the kings coronation👑🇬🇧

To start off the day we explored the coronation tray👑 this was filled with red ❤️ white 🤍 and blue 💙 tissue paper to represent the Union Jack 🇬🇧. Our job was to find all the pictures hidden which represented the coronation👑 there was so many pictures to discover🔎🤴this lead to lots of questions ❓like who is our king 👑 ? Why are we celebrating him?🤴 why is it a massive celebration 🎉 

In the tuff tray we made our own cupcakes out of play dough🧁 the tray was filled with play dough, and the ingredient packets you would need to make cake🎂 such as butter🧈 sugar and cup cake cases🧁. We used weighing scales ⚖️ to practice weighing amounts of ingredients to add to our cakes🧁 we loved getting messy 😃and using our imagination 💭

We also had lots of fun playing in the garden 🪴 we did lots of running around 🏃‍♀️and playing lots of different games! We love working together👏🏻 and making our own obstacle course and going down the slide 🛝 this is one of our favourite 🤩 things to do!

As tomorrow is the Kings coronation, today we have enjoyed doing coronation activities. In our tuff tray we enjoyed playing with the cup cake themed tray. Each cup cake case was filled with either shaving foam or play dough. The children each took it in turns to choose what they wanted and played nicely together. 👧👦🧁

We had lots of children dressed in white, red and blue including hair. We also spoke about our King and learnt some very interesting facts about him. Some children knew who he was when they saw a picture of him. 👧👦👩🤴🔴⚪️🔵

For our snack today the children ha e very much enjoyed scones and cream and strawberries. They sat at the table nicely and said their snack was delicious. 👧👦🍓😋

In messy room the children enjoyed playing in our coronation themed tray. Red, white and blue rice with pictures of the royal family. They had lots of fun and enjoyed looking at the pictures. 👧👦🔴⚪️🔵👑🤴

Babies also have had a great day and joined in with the coronation day.

Babies joined in with dressing in red, white and blue. Just look how cute they are. Then they spent some time in the garden were they enjoyed throwing balls to their grown ups, they had so much fun. They also enjoyed looking at books and drawing a coronation picture.👶🔴⚪️🔵👩⚽️🪴👶🤴🖍📚

King and Queens for the day! 👑

Today we have been celebrating the King 👑 coronation by dressing up in fancy pants clothes as well as wearing red 🔴, blue🔵 and white ⚪️ clothing. We all stood up and showed off our outfits by spinning around and jumping.

Time to take to the throne! Outside in the garden we took it in turns to climb up the stairs and sit as a Queen 👸 and King 🤴 should. We waved to all our friends whilst holding on to balloons 🎈 and smiling away like a royal.

Party time! 🎊 balloons 🎈 music 🎶 and dancing 💃 is what we all been waiting for! Before the party started we made crowns, by painting🎨, sticking, gluing and cutting ✂️.We then had tasty scones, jam and cream as a real big treat! We sat in a circle and enjoyed eating the yummy cake and talking about all the tast my flavours we could taste.

Pass the parcel…. we all love music 🎵 and party games. We sang along to the music man, if your happy and you know it and baby shark 🦈 , once the music stopped ✋we cheered and waited for our friends to reveal what was hiding underneath….. LOLLYPOPS! We all got to take a wonderful sweetly home!

At tea time 🫖 we had a royal picnic 🧺 tea party! we put on our crowns that we had made and then sat around a picnic table and enjoyed lots of wonderful food with was followed by fruit salad and more jam scones!😋

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