We have had a fabulous week getting ready for the Easter Weekend! Easter Egg hunts, bonnet competitions, bunny races! A week of wonderful activities. We have also been exploring carrots and where they grow too. The sun has been showing it’s face this week so we hope it continues to shine for you all over the weekend too. We are closed on both Good Friday and Easter Monday but cannot wait to hear all about what you have been up to on Tuesday 11th April. Have a lovely weekend.

Today the babies 👶 have had so much fun 🤩 and have been doing lots of different activities for National Carrot Day!! 🥕

This is morning the babies have been doing some counting 🔢and stacking 🗼 in a Carrot 🥕 themed tray. They have have been counting 🔢with a practitioner 👩‍💼seeing how many carrots they could find 👀in the tray. The babies have also been counting🔢 how many pots they could stack on top of each other. 

The babies ventured out in to the garden🏡 to enjoy the lovely weather! ☀️

In the garden the babies have been doing some paint 🎨printing with some carrots 🥕 . They dipped the carrots 🥕 in the paint 🎨 and then stamped it onto the foil making lots of different marks. ⭕️〽️

The babies have also enjoyed splashing 💦 in a tray of water, 🌊filling pots 🚰and cups ☕️up with water and pouring it back in the tray. 🫗

They have also enjoyed reading lots of stories 📖today, listening 👂 to the story, looking 👀at the pictures and talking 🗣about what they can see. 👀

Today in preschool and toddlers we have had lots of fun 🤩 celebrating international carrot 🥕 day. 

We had a group discussion about the process of growing carrots 🥕. How carrots 🥕 are grown on a farm 🚜in a field. Once they are ready the farmers 👩‍🌾 pick the carrots 🥕 ready for us to eat. We then spoke about what we eat with our carrots 🥕, like a yummy roast dinner 🥘.

Outside in the garden 🪴with our friends while the lovely sun shine☀️ has been out. We have been playing lots of games like what’s the time Mr Wolf. We have been exploring the sand tray and making our very own sand castles 🏰. We have been making different movements with our bodies like tip toeing, taking large steps👣, jumping and walking like an animal 🦓.

We have been exploring building with pegs and lolly sticks 🦯. We used our fingers to pick up a lolly stick 🦯 and and then using our other hand or both we picked up a peg from the basket 🧺 and we attached our pegs to the lolly stick creating our very own designs. This helped us practice our fine motor skills with how to open the pegs and close them onto the lolly sticks 🦯.

In the role play room today our book of choice was Tom rabbit🐰this is a story about a toy rabbit and a boy who go on an adventure to see the real rabbits 🐇 we loved this story! We also had carrot 🥕 masks 🎭 which we could wear while listening to the story to develop our understanding😀

We have had a lovely time using our fine motor skills to print with carrots 🥕 onto paper. We used our fingers to pick up the carrots and to then dip the carrots 🥕 into white ⚪️ paint. We then made different marks with the carrot 🥕 over the page. We created our very own carrot 🥕 masterpieces of art 🖼.

What another fabulous day in the sunshine! ☀️

To kick start our day off in the sun we had to get ready by warming up our muscles 💪 and to do this we stretched our bodies up ⬆️ high, down ⬇️ low and span around in circles. Afterwards we noticed the sun ☀️ was shining so we put on our sun hats 👒 and went outside!

In the garden we been using the building blocks 🧱in many different ways. The best way we found was turning them into musical 🎶 instruments 🎹 and made a piano. We then sang using our beautiful singing voices our favourite rhymes.

All aboard! Next stop we made a train 🚂 out of the blocks. We worked together and communicated on where we wanted each block to go and then took it in turns to be the driver and took a trip to the beach 🏝️ of course! Which was a tasty trip as it was followed by ice cream! 🍦

As the sun was out in the afternoon as well we all raced over onto the field! This is where we got to pick lots of different flowers 🌸 and found lots of daisy and some buttercups. Once we found all the flowers we had many running 🏃🏻‍♀️ races with all our friends and even chased the adults! This was ended up by jumping on the different rainbow 🌈 shapes we could see. We listened carefully to the shape that was called out before quickly jumping before anyone else got there!

Hope hot cross bun day after the children had eaten their lunch they then were given a Hot cross bun for there pudding. The children enjoyed eating their hot cross bun. We spoke about loyou have had a great day.
As today is ts of people eat hot cross buns during easter and that we can buy them in a super market. 👦👧
The children had lots of fun playing in the sensory tuff tray. The theme today wash car wash. There were sponges and soap with water and lots of different cars. The children did well to share and take turns and some of the children told us that they help their Daddies clean the car at home and have lots of fun. 👦👧🧽🧼🚘
Some of the children enjoyed being super hero for the day. Putting on capes and saving the day was so much fun. 👦👧🦸‍♂️
Babies have had fun being creative. As Easter is almost here the babies enjoyed making Easter pictures. They had fun using the dabber pens and making a colourful egg. 👶🐣🖊
Babies have also enjoyed looking out the window, sitting on the ride along toys, looking at books and having some fun in the car wash tray. 👶🚘📚🪟

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