A week of adventures and fun at MonkeyMoos this week.


We have had another fun-filled week of exploring and new experiences this week at MonkeyMoos. All of our sites enjoyed Taco Tuesday where the children were able to create their own taco’s and also explore what it is like to run a Mexican restaurant too and take everybody’s orders. We have also been exploring the joys of spring. Whilst the weather may be slightly crazy, we have been noticing the flowers in our outdoor spaces so have been enjoying so life drawings of flowers this week. We are very pleased to announce that Winklebury raised £300 for Comic Relief last week also! Great job guys. Don’t forget to change your clocks at the weekend too guys, we are springing forward!

Let Spring Begin!!!!

The babies 👶 have had a lovely day joining in with some spring 🌸 activities. 

They firstly liked getting creative by painting 🎨 some spring 🌸 animals 🐥🐰using different pastel coloured paint 🎨. The babies 👶 picked up the paintbrushes 🖌 and moved them across the pictures of animals, they made the chicks 🐥 and bunnies 🐰 all colourful. 

The babies 👶 then liked doing some sticking on some bumble bees 🐝 using black, yellow and orange bits of tissue paper 📄. They even got a bit of glue stuck on their fingers which was a bit confusing! 

The babies 👶 also have liked playing with the cars 🚘 and diggers pushing them along our car 🚘 mat. “Beep beep”.

The toddlers today had such an amazing 🤩 day doing all sorts of spring 🌤inspired activities 🌷🌸💐! 

In the creative room 🎨 the toddlers played in the super fun 🤩 and creative 🖌 tuff tray! The toddlers got to decorate their own wreath 💐to hang 🎀 up on display. They used yellow 🟡 paint and glue to stick different coloured flowers 🌸 🌺🌼 and leafs 🍃around the wreath. 

In the role 👔👗👘 play room the toddlers used their imagination 💭 to colour in the flowers 🌸. The toddlers used paint 🎨 markers 🖊to dab and slide colours over the drawn ✏️ flowers 🌸 . The toddlers had so much fun 🤩 seeing all the different colours 🟣🔵🟢🟡 mix together and to see their once boring 😒 flowers pop😁 with colour! 

Lastly also in the role play 👚👗👔 room the toddlers played in the sand tray! Inside the sand tray the toddlers got to make their own flowers 🌺 . The had pots 🪴, leafs 🍃 , the stems🎋 and the pretty flowers🌼 to make into their own flower🌻. The toddlers loved 😍the feel of the sand and really enjoyed 🙂sprinkling it over the flowers 💐.

The preschoolers had lots of fun today taking part in lots of spring activities🌼🌱

In the creative room we made our own hand print daffodils🌼 to add to our spring display board. We used orange 🍊 and yellow💛 paint and we dipped our hands in it so we could create our own hand prints 🫱in a circle to create a daffodil 🌼 then we used either green lolly pop sticks or green pipe cleaners for the stem🌱

We also created our own farm🐷out of the small world Animals 🐱and people 👧🏻🧒🏼on the tray was the lyrics to old Mac Donald had a farm 🐓so we were able to sing 🎶 too! There was lots of farm animals🐮 to play with we had lots of saying the different animals noises too🐴

In circle time we read a new book📚 this book helped us with the alphabet🔡 we showed good listening 👂 and sat correctly on the carpet! We recognised lots of different letters🔡 and learnt some new ones too😁

💐Spring is here!💐

Daffodil station! Some of the children gathered around the tuff tray to show off their creative side. An adult had set up different tools such as: paper, paint, paint brushes, pencils, glue, tissue paper, flowers and cupcake cases for the children to use to create their very own daffodils. Once, all the daffodils were created, the children liked smelling the flowers and walking around the room holding a bunch of daffodils like a bouquet!💐

Name writing✍🏼For morning group time, the preschoolers focused on their writing skills with an adult. The adult set out two white boards with a pen beside each one for the children to practice with. The preschoolers were eager to have a turn by sitting down in a circle and waiting for the adult to ask them if they would like to write their name with or without dots. Each child were able to write their names in the correct form by writing independently or following dots to join up the letters of their names!

👨‍🌾Gardening time!👩‍🌾 Outside, our gardeners took it in turns to see if any vegetables or flowers had started to grow through the soil. Next, the children moved on to digging up different bugs and insects to move over to the safety of the bug city before finding them food such as leaves, wood chips and mud!🐛🐞

Time for pizza with a twist! For snack today, the Monkey Mooers made their own pizzas using rice cakes as the base. They all took it in turns to scoop up tomato purée and spread it over the pizza base before adding their cheesy topping and eating it all up!🍕

Happy Wednesday,

Hope you have had a great day.

Today is National world water day 💦🌏
On our sensory tuff tray it was filled with water. The tray was a floating and sinking activity. We asked the children which things in the tray will sink and which will float. The children did really well to choose the correct things. 👦👧🚤

In the messy room the children enjoyed cleaning and hanging up the washing. In the tray it was filled with soapy water and clothes. The children loved hanging up the washing and said “ I’m just like my mummy and my daddy”. 👦👧🧼💦👕👚🩳👖

On the table the children enjoyed making tooth brush painting pictures. They used a tooth brush and using the brush side they made marks on the paper. 👦👧🪥🗒

Babies have just had as much fun in water activities as the older children have.
They had so much fun splashing in their water tray. It had lots of different pouring things for them to play with. 👶💦🪣

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