One of our favourite days in the year at MonkeyMoos is World Book Day! We love seeing all the children (and staff) dressed up as their favourite characters and enjoy reading our favourite stories. Wether it is us going on a bear hunt or enjoying some tasty porridge like Goldilocks, every year, it’s a day full of fun and literacy. The nurseries all had many invitations to play ready for the children on the day. We hope you all enjoy using your £1 book voucher too.

Its world book day. 🌍📚
Today the child and staff have dressed and taken part in World Book Day. We have seen so many fantastic characters and dress ups. Well done to all who have taken part.

Throughout the day we have enjoyed looking and listening to stories. Some that the children brought in and other that are from our book corner. Some books the children have read to us as they know what happens and in the story. 👦👧👩📚

In our sensory tuff tray the theme was “Were going on a bear hunt” the children enjoyed it and explored all the sensory textures we had. They also enjoyed joining in with the story and listened so well. 👦👧👩📖🤚🪵🌨🐻

Babies have also done amazing at getting involved with world book day. They have done so well to dress up and take part. Just look at their brilliant costumes. 👶📖
Babies also enjoyed listening to and looking at lots of different books with their grown ups and enjoyed pointing to the pictures. 👶👩👆📚

World book day 📚

The babies have had lots of fun 🤩 today! They have been enjoying making lots of marks 〰️ on zoo animal pictures 🐒🦒🦬🦍🦓🐆. The babies used their fine motor skills to pick up the crayons 🖍 and chalk to decorate their pictures. 

Then the babies played in the play dough activity making lots of shapes using the play dough cutters. The babies 👶 used their fine motor skills to pick up the play dough cutters and roll the playdough slicing toll to cut. The babies 👶 used their hands 🙌 to squeeze the play dough and push the play dough cutters into the play dough. 

Later on the babies explored in the tent ⛺️. They looked 👀 at different stories and they listened to a practitioner read to them.

The toddlers had a fantastic 💥day today and loved 🥰 dressing 🥼🦺👘up for world book day! All the toddlers had so much fun 🤩 being all sorts of different characters 🦁🐰💃 and really enjoyed engaging in all the different books📚 we got to read today! 

In the creative 🎨 room today we had a construction 🚧 themed tuff tray. We got to investigate how the different tools 🛠 made the paint 🎨 splat💦. We used hammers 🔨, screwdrivers🪛 and chisels⛏. The toddlers were all extremely impressed 😲by the tuff tray. 

Finally in the role play 💃 room the toddlers got to use pipets 🧪and watery paint 🎨 to decorate a turtle 🐢 . We had cotton pads 🧻in the shape of a turtle 🐢and we got to squeeze the watery paint 🎨onto the cotton pads to made the turtle pop with colour💙💚💜🧡!

The preschoolers had lots of fun today🤪

To start off the day we went into the creative room👩‍🎨 to find the tuff tray filled with different coloured paint 🎨 and a variety of fruit🍌 and vegetables 🥕. We used broccoli 🥦 ,apples🍎, banana 🍌 and carrot 🥕 to see what patterns 🍥we could make! We had lots of fun dipping them in the paint 🎨 

We also became archaeologist for the day🕵🏻‍♀️ in the sand tray there was lots of hidden dinosaurs 🦕 we used paintbrushes🖌to discover all the different dinosaurs 🦖 we found loads! 

During circle time we did a matching activity based around the alphabet 🔠 we had a tree🌳 covered in letters from the alaphet🔠we used our fingers to match apples🍎 with letters on. We spoke about letters which were familiar to us and also learnt some new sounds

Today was also world book day🌎📚we all looked super cool dressed up😎 we all sat down and spoke about who we came dressed up as👗and showed all our friends which books we brought in📗we had lots of fun reading our different stories ☺️

It’s World Book Day! 📚

What a fabulous day we have had enjoying lots of fun, learning and reading about stories! 📚 We dressed up as our favourite characters from a story which we brought into MonkeyMoos to show all of our friends.

During a BIG group time we all took to the stage and showed of our outfits! They were all very different we had dinosaurs 🦖, fireman Sam 👨‍🚒, rabbits 🐇, Spider-Man and Spider-Women 🕷, and so many more great characters! Once the fashion show had finished we sat down and got to listen 👂🏻to the stories that were brought in from home.

During the day we had ‘We are going on a bear hunt’ tuff tray which was filled with different textures from flour, grass, mud and shells .🐚 Around the tray had familiar words from the story 📚 and characters for us to act out the story and to tell our own stories. Some of us knew the story well and was able to repeat some of the words that was from the story.

In the messy tray we had to bake a tasty 😋 gingerbread man! Using play dough, oats and different cutters we were able to roll and mould the dough so that it would make a tasty treat, but first we had to go through all the animals from the story to see if he made it across the river 💦safely…..unfortunately he didn’t and got eaten all up!

Oh no! The Hungry Caterpillar 🐛 was very hungry! We sat down and listened to the story and spoke about all the foods 🍓🍊that he eats on his travels. Afterwards we had a fun exciting game, we had to remember what the caterpillar has eaten by threading 🧵the string threw each hole in order, This helped up with our fine motor skills.

Once upon a time….. We have been creating our own stories based on the stories that we love at home and at MonkeyMoos. We have been recreating Frozen, old Mc Donald And many great stories. 📚

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