Oh, what a lovely week was had by all at MonkeyMoos.


We hope you have all managed to enjoy some delicious pancakes this week. What’s your favourite toppings? Are you a sweet or savoury pancake kind of person? The children have enjoyed exploring how to make pancakes, how to taste pancakes and simply how great pancakes are. We also had great fun on Monday with our own MonkeyMoos Carnival activities. Roll up, Roll up, Roll up! We have also been practicing our tennis skills too. A week of great fun, as always.

Who loves Pancakes? We do!🥞😋

Today we have had a delicious yummy time celebrating pancake day! We had pancakes for snack, where we got to practice our flipping skills using the frying pan. We listened very carefully as it was very hot. Afterwards we had the best time decorating the pancakes! 🥞 There were lots of toppings to choose from. We had squirty cream, strawberries 🍓 and blueberries 🫐, chocolate sauce🍫 , and honey 🍯 .

Measuring the ingredients to make pancakes 🥞 helped us to develop our maths skills. We had the weighing scales ⚖️ which was to help measure the flour. The next step was to pour it all into the bowl 🥣 ready to make pretend pancakes. 🥞

This then moved us to pancake 🥞 making in the tuff tray. With all the ingredients around the tray from eggs 🥚, flour, and milk .🥛 awe followed the step by step instruction to create the best imaginative pancakes.🥞 We all got to explore the toppings from sticky honey 🍯 to chocolate 🍫 sprinkles! To add more communication we added the word “pancake” in different languages for the children to learn about the world. 🌎 We had them in Italian, polish, French and german. 🗯️

To test our nose 👃 sense, we had a ‘guess the smell’, station which helped us to explore new words and to describe the smell. Hiding in the pots we had jam 🍓, cream, honey 🍯, sprinkles. Some of the words to describe them were “vegetables”, “sticky”, “nice”.

We also want to thank HungryMoose for sending us extra pancakes 🥞 for pudding at lunch time to!

🎭 Let’s all go to the carnival!!!!

Today in babies 👶 we have had a lovely day! We have been celebrating 🥳 carnival 🎡 day by taking part in lots of carnival 🎡 themed activities. 

Firstly we enjoyed taking part in our own ‘coconut shy’, we waited as our practitioners stacked up some cups before taking it in turns to throw a ball ⚽️ at the cups knocking them over. This developed our gross motor skills, learning to throw. 

We then liked painting some pictures of clowns 🤡 using a paintbrush 🖌 dipped into different coloured 🔴🟢🔵 paint 🎨. We moved the paintbrush 🖌 around the paper 📄 making different marks ➿to decorate it. 

Later on we ventured on to making some carnival 🎡 masks 🎭 using pink, red and purple tissue paper 📄. We used some glue spreaders to spread the glue over our masks 🎭 before carefully sticking down the tissue paper 📄. 

We have also liked playing with our new Peppa pig 🐷 and George pig 🐷 teddies, giving them cuddles 🥰 as well as pressing the buttons in their tummy’s listening 👂 to the sounds they made.

It’s carnival 🎡🎠🎢Monday! Today we have loved playing our own carnival games and practicing our teamwork 🤝skills together! In our creative ✨room we loved playing Hook a duck 🦆using fishing rods 🎣with magnets attached to them! We used our hand 🤚to eye 👀coordination to connect the magnets together which also enhanced our curiosity 🧠about magnets 🧲and how they work!

Today we have also enjoyed playing a game of bowling🎳 to see how many skittles we could knock down with the ball! ⚽️We used our gross motor skills to throw 💪the ball in the direction of the skittles and then practiced counting how many we had knocked down!🔢

On top of this we made our own carnival masks🎭 using our imagination to create our own designs!✨We used different materials such as glitter✨ribbon, 🎀🎗pipe cleaners, sparkly gems 💎and tissue paper to decorate them!

Today we had lots of fun in preschool😃 celebrating the carnival 🎡 🎠🤹 we did lots of colourful activities based around a carnival. To start off the day we went into the construction room and coloured different people we would see at the carnival🎡 we used colouring pencils✏️ to colour witches 🧙‍♀️ clowns🤡 pirates 🏴‍☠️ princesses 👸.

In the creative room we did mark making letters🔡 in the tuff tray. The tuff tray was covered in colourful sprinkles! We used our fine motor skills to move the ice cream cones🍦 to make our letters🔡 We had lots of fun🤩 

On the creative room table we made our own clowns🤡 we used paper plates🍽 yellow tissue paper, gold ribbon 🎀 with black, red and yellow paint🎨. This was so fun we loved seeing what our friends had creatived😊

In the construction room we made our on stage🎭 we used to big wooden building blocks🧱the hammer🔨 and lots of different tools to make a wonderful masterpiece😁which we used later on it in day!

In the role play room we discussed what it’s like to go to the carnival 🎡😃 we different games we play like hook a duck🦆we spoke about what we eat at the carnival such as hotdogs🌭and candy floss🍭. We also talked about the different colours & costumes we see👯‍♀️🎪🤹

Hope you have had a great day.
Today the children have enjoyed being creative in the messy room. They enjoyed seeing different animals on paper using different colouring pencils. A grown up was sat with them talking to the children about what animals they had in front of them. 👧👦👩🔴🔵🟢🟠✏️
Also in the messy room the children enjoyed playing in our washing up activity. In the water we had plates, cups and bowls. The children used a cloths and enjoyed making them all clean. 👧👦💦🧼🧽🍽🥣
Some of the children made a train using the cushion storage box. They emptied all the cushions. The children took out the cushions around the box to be wheels and two cushions inside to sit on. They took it in turns to have a ride. This was a lovely game they had made and all played nicely. 👧👦🚂
Babies have loved playing with the small sensory tuff tray, which was full with farm animals and different cereal textures. They explored with both their hand and of course had a little taste of the foods. 👶😋🤚

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