Three very different tuff trays this week. Winklebury have created a tuff tray based around the day of loveeee. The children were able to make their own roses to give to that special somebody. Highdown set up the tray using the children’s alien creation to inspire more creations from their favourite story ‘Aliens love underpants’. And Worthing created a small world tuff tray based on their favourite story ‘The three billy goats gruff.’ But who will be this weeks winners???


INTENT: This week’s tuff tray was based on one of our national days – Valentine’s Day! The children absolutely loved taking part in this Valentine’s Day tuff tray. They were very eager to take part. The intent of this tuff tray was for the children to use their fine motor skills to make the carnation flowers. They had to rip off some tissue paper, make the petals using the tissue paper and their hands then stick the petals onto the pipe cleaner using celotape. The children and I spoke lots about Valentine’s Day and the children stated who their carnation flowers were for. 

IMPLEMENT: We used heart backing paper to cover the tray. The tray had tissue paper, scissors, celotape and pipe cleaners placed around the tray. There were pictures of carnations so the children could see what they look like. Rose petals and heart marshmallows were placed around the tray. The children understood what the tray was about and enjoyed taking part in the valentine’s day activity. 

IMPACT: This tray was very successful. The children listened really well to the instructions and demonstration. The children took part and asked for help when needed. They really enjoyed this adult-led activity. The children asked lots of questions about the tray and Valentine’s Day and they were very eager to learn. Lots of children knew about valentine’s day. They all stated who their flowers were for and were very happy with the outcome of the tray. 


INTENT: the idea around the tray was for the children to get creative in designing their own aliens and underpants from the story ‘aliens love underpants’. They tray was to allow the children to use their artistic skills and imagination however they wanted as aliens come in different ways. We also wanted them to  use describing words on how and why there were making them that way. 

IMPLEMENT: Implementation: in the tray we added flour as a base to represent the alien planet as the moon. In each corner we had aliens of different shape, colour, size and design for the children to get ideas from. We also had tools and cutter for them to operate to develop fine motor skills. As a central piece we had play dough with pipe cleaners, sticker eyes as a alien for the children to take ideas from. To add more colour to the tray we added sequins!

IMPACT: Impact: the children all stood around the tray and went to the play dough by pulling pieces away. They asked “what” and “how” questions to find out what they would be doing. They then used their skills to mould, turn, pull the play dough in different ways by using tools and their hands. Some children made aliens free hands whilst other copied some designs. As aliens were made they got to design pants, the children recalled “spotty” and “stripy” from the story to get inspiration for their pants.


INTENT: My intent for this tuff tray was to help the Preschoolers develop their mathematical skills using building blocks in a range of shapes and sizes and also develop their social skills by working together as a team, helping each other hold different objects in place to be able to construct a bridge which they believe is suitable for the three goats. 

IMPLEMENT: This tray was created by using blue tissue paper to represent the river, sand and fake grass either side. There was a range of different building blocks on the tuff tray which included lego, stickle bricks and wooden building blocks. There was also a cut out of the Three billy goats and the troll which the children could use. 

IMPACT: The children loved getting involved in making their own bridges. There was lots of perseverance from the children when different shapes and sizes didn’t fit their ideas. The children showed lots of team work by taking turns in using the different materials they had available.  They really enjoyed retelling the story with the props from the Tuff tray and  standing the goats on top of their bridges.  


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