Tuff Tray Challenge


This week was the battles of the kites between Winklebury and Highdown! Worthing entered the competition with a pizza themed tuff tray. But who will be this weeks winners??


INTENT: This weeks tuff tray was all about making and flying a kite as that was a national day this week. We also thought this would be an interest for the children and a something different. Once their kites were all dried from being decorated we took out small groups of children and they each flew their kites out on the fields. Also it was to see how well they are at using their fine motor skills and coming up with ways to make then kite stronger. The preschoolers did well to know what tools they needed to make it stronger.

IMPLEMENT: In the tray we had different colour paper so that the children had options and also because kites are all different colours. We used Lolli pop sticks to make the kite stronger so when flying it, it would last longer and fly better. Of course their kites need decorating so we used different colour paints, glitter, tissue paper and anything else they wanted. All the children were very creative with their kites.

IMPACT: This was a great successful tray. The children got involved with the activity and all wanted to make a kite. When out on the field the kites did not fly as it was not a windy day. So we made it fun by telling the children if we run really fast holding up our kites the kites will fly better. The children did this and loved it. When we came back to the nursery the children said they want to show their mummy and daddy their kites so they went home with a kite that day.


INTENT: For ‘National Kite Flying Day’, we based the tuff tray around making our own kites as our children have shown strong interests in being creative. We wanted all age groups to be able to take part in the activity by having kite templates out for the younger children and for those who need little help. For our older children, we laid out A4 pieces of paper and instructions to make it more challenging for them as they were encouraged to make their own kites by themselves. We also wanted to the children to talk about social events or experiences they have had with flying kites, e.g. in the park, with friends or family.

IMPLEMENT: For this tuff tray, we set up a variety of art resources around the tray for the children to choose from. This included: paint, brushes, crayons, feathers and sequins. Having a wide variety of art resources allowed the children’s creativity to thrive by giving them choice to choose. The children also had the choice of decorating a kite template or following step by step instructions from the art book to make their own.

IMPACT: The children have been really excited about the tuff tray and couldn’t wait to get creative. Most of the children went straight to painting their kites by finding an apron and mixing all the colours together using a paint brush. Some of the children decided to take a different approach by following the step by step instructions to make their own kite. They added sequins to make it sparkle and string to make it fly. After the kites were made, the children rushed outside and began running around the garden to get their kites to fly in the wind.


INTENT: My intent for this tuff tray was to help the babies learn colours and new words. Also using their fine motor skills to pick the play dough cutters and use their gross motor skills to push the cutters into the play dough and roll the play dough with the rolling cutters into the play dough to make different patterns.

IMPLEMENT: This tray was created by making different coloured play dough plain, grey, brown, yellow and red. Different shape cookie cutters and play dough rollers. Sprinkled flour all over to the tray and used key words. Mushroom, peppers, cheese and pepperoni and used pictures of different pizzas. 

IMPACT: The children seemed to have lots of fun during the activity. By squeezing the play dough with their gross and picking up the cookie cutters with their fine motor skills. They learnt new words, colours and making differnt shapes with the cookie cutters. They also made lots of marks in flour to help their literacy skills. 


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