The last week of September has been a celebration of love and everything autumnal.

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  • The last week of September has been a celebration of love and everything autumnal.

The children have been noticing the changes in the weather this week and there has been many activities based around this new season- Autumn. The children have also been sharing the love with National Heart Day. Next week as we go into October, the halloween activities will be beginning. What a great season!

For national heart day we have been been mark making hearts in the sand and making patterns using different shaped rollers. We practiced making different size hearts. We have used our hands, sponges :sponge: and paintbrushes :lower_left_paintbrush: to create our heart :heart: cards :flower_playing_cards:. We had lots of fun making the cards putting our hands in the paint :art: and getting very messy which is lots of fun :star-struck:. As a group we had a discussion about the ones that we love :heart: and we wrote down the names of people who we love :two_hearts: onto a big heart :heart: During our reading :book: time we read stories about kindness and being nice to others.

A Tiger came to MonkeyMoos today!

In our tuff tray it was ‘a Tiger came to tea’ theme. We all sat in a circle and listened to the story and identified what yummy foods the Tiger ate, we then spoke about the foods we buy with our families at the shops. Afterwards we got stuck into the tray were we made some delicious sprinkle cakes, hot tea, and some honey and jam sandwiches.🧁🥪🍯☕️

Whilst in the garden on the hunt for bugs, we were lucky enough to find a yellow moth. We were all super excited and all gathered round to have a look. As it flew into a leaf, we all got a chance to hold it if we wanted to. Once we all did we kindly took it over to the bug city were he then flew home. 👀🍃💛

Today at Monkey moos we have been super busy taking part in fun activities for National scarf🧣 day !! The children loved using different resources to write✍️ the word scarf 🧣 in flour, We sounded out the letters as we practiced our pencil ✏️ control too . We got messy in the messy room where we made our very own scarfs 🧣 using different coloured paper , glue , tissue paper and glitter . We also talked about why we wear scarfs 🧣 The children 👧👦 reminded us that we wear scarfs when it’s cold🥶 In the baby room 👶 we went on a scarf 🧣 hunt 👀 we had to search for the coloured scarfs which were placed around the room , we worked as a team to find them ! once we found the scarfs 🧣 we put them on to keep us nice and warm 😃 We hope you have a great weekend!! 😀

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