We have GRADUATED Pre-School and are now ready for our school adventure.


We have been saying goodbye to our school leavers! All three nurseries have thrown a Graduation party as we say goodbye to them! There has been certificates, parties, and yummy party food. It has been a wonderful celebration of all their time at MonkeyMoos and they will be missed so much as they go onto their next adventure. We hope to see them all again soon and that they will come and visit us in their school uniforms.


Yesterday, it was a very sad day as we have said our final goodbyes to some of our preschoolers that are going off to start their new adventures at Big School in September. We all had lots of fun celebrating their journeys at MONKEYMOOS with party games, a walk down the red catwalk to collect their certificate under the most famous rainbow balloon arch and lots of yummy party food. We also organised the most amazing slideshow of all the children from when they were babies until now, it was amazing to see how much they have grown into the most kind, caring, independent young children!! Unfortunately the weather wasn’t on our side but we had the most amazing afternoon and it was a lovely to see everyone together for one last final time!! We hope you all have the best time at Big School!! We are going to miss you all so much and don’t forget to come back a visit us!!


We just want to say a big thank you for everyone that came to the graduation picnic on Friday, the sun was shining and we had lots of smiles and very excited children! All the children received a certificate to celebrate their time at MonkeyMoos as well as a ‘we will miss you because…’ ceremony where the staff all voted for why the MonkeyMooer will be missed. It was great fun to look at our ‘Wall of fame’ which showed how much the children had grown through their time at MonkeyMoos.
It was great to see you all having lots of fun and enjoying your family picnics. It has been a wonderful time watching the children grow and turn into their cheeky characters. We will miss them lots but we are excited for their new adventures in big school. ❤️


Today we have said a very exciting :hugging_face: but sad :cry: good bye to all our school leavers at their graduation :mortar_board:party :tada::partying_face::balloon:!!! All the children and staff had lots of fun :star-struck: and joined in with some fantastic silly games and dancing :man_dancing:. The children really enjoyed playing with balloons :balloon: and pretending they where hot potatoes :potato: so they had to keep them up in the air all the time to the music :notes: that was playing. We played a game of musical bumps and all joined in with musical action songs like: superman and Macarena.  They children and staff did very well with their actions :joy:!!! We all had a turn with closing our eyes and getting very dizzy and playing pin the tail on the donkey, we where all very clever and getting very close to the donkeys bottom!! Then we had a well deserved break for a drink and some yummy party :tada: food. we all loved eating the yummy treats, they where delicious and are now all full of beans ready to go home!!!! 

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