Our Pre-School children are soon off on a new adventure, starting school! Whilst we will be super sad to see them go, we are also very excited for them as they begin their transition to school. Our aim for any children who are going off to school is to help them become; confident, happy and independent little MonkeyMooers. With this in mind, we have created a school readiness programme which does exactly what is says on the tin: Gets our little MonkeyMooers ready for school.

This week the Pre-School children have been focusing on their independence at meal times. The children are able to self-serve during meal times which encourages the children to put the right amount for them on their plates. The children are then encouraged to wash up their cutlery and plates too after scrapping any leftovers into a bin. This also helps to teach the children about waste and amounts.

With the support of the fabulous catering company, HungryMoose, we are able to provide the children with healthy hot meals at both lunch and tea with choices available. The children are encouraged to self serve the meals are all nutritious and healthy with a good variety of vegetables.

Self serving is a big thing for our preschoolers. We encourage this everyday for meal times and they loved to be independent. We also ask them to scrap their plates in to the bin and wash up their plates cutlery and cups. We have been learning to be more independent at meal times. At breakfast times, we choose our own cereals and pour our own milk. If we need a drink, we also use our own cups and help ourselves to water using the water machine that we have all day access too. We are very independent with this now.

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