School Readiness.


Our Pre-School children are soon off on a new adventure, starting school! Whilst we will be super sad to see them go, we are also very excited for them as they begin their transition to school. Our aim for any children who are going off to school is to help them become; confident, happy and independent little MonkeyMooers. With this in mind, we have created a school readiness programme which does exactly what is says on the tin: Gets our little MonkeyMooers ready for school.

The children have been focusing on being independent when it comes to washing their hands, wiping their noses and being able to independently use the toilet. We help children to be independent by promoting an ‘I CAN DO IT’ attitude. Why is it important for children to be able to independently take control of their own self care? The transition from nursery to school is a big change, whilst at nursery there are lots of adults to help, at school the adult to child ratio is bigger so there might not always be an adult around to help them. And of course, it is important for children to understand the importance of being clean. Teaching them about germs and why we must wash our hands will support the children as they grow to be healthy, clean, and happy.

We have also been focusing on being able to put our coats and shoes on independently. The children have all been learning about the over the head trick. This involves laying the coat down at a child’s feet, the child stands by the hood or top of the coat, puts their arms in the sleeves and then flips it over their heads! And ta-dah!! Coat trick is completed. Try it at home with your little ones too!

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