Happy Friday! ✨


What a fantastic chilly ⛄️ week of learning we have had! This week we have started of by celebrating St Andrews day 🙍🏼‍♂️. Learning about what made him a saint and how it is celebrated🎉! We have also been getting ready for Christmas, by exploring different spices we use at Christmas and cranberries. It was yummy🤤! Later in the week we had fun playing basketball🏀 for Basketball day. As well as making our own basketballs.

In baby👶room today, we have been exploring the Scottish flag🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿. We made our own version of the Scottish flag using different shades of blue💙and glue. The babies👶have also been exploring a hot chocolate🍫 tuff tray. We used spoons🥄 to scoop chocolate powder into bowls and cups. We added water and milk to see what happened. It was so crazy!!

Today in toddlers and pre school we have been getting festive! 🎄 We have been decorating Christmas baubles to hang in our toddler and preschool area’s. We did this by using glue, paper, glitter and imagination! ✨ 

We have also been playing in the sand pit seeing what we can find. 👀 Some of us looked for treasure, whilst some of us wanted to build sand castles 🏰 We have also had a little bit of quite time today, for whisper time we enjoyed reading some books 📚 and trying to solve some puzzles 🧩

It’s the 1st of December and guess who’s back! Buddy the elf, Santa’s little helper! :grin:
The children got very excited by his visit and he is here to here to help watch the children for Father Christmas.:santa:The children have been exploring the cookie :cookie: monster :japanese_ogre:, he was very hungry and the children had to help fill his tummy by feeding him yummy biscuits. Some of the children used their counting skills to see how many cookies they could get. The children may also have been eating some.:yum:This afternoon the children have been helping prepare snack, they started by washing their hands :raised_hands: and then using the knifes safely to cut up the fruit. :apple:Don’t forget buddy the elf has some cheeky tasks up his sleeve.:face_with_hand_over_mouth:

We have had another  fun, exciting and educational day at MonkeyMoos.Babies :baby: have had a fun packed day ! They have enjoyed exploring in our sensory tray which was full of flour , coffee :coffee: and white chocolate :chocolate_bar: we used paint brushes :lower_left_paintbrush: to mix all of the ingredients together while making different marks too 
The babies also enjoyed our row row the boat :woman-rowing-boat: song time where thay sat in a pretend rocking boat and sand lots of different row row songs :musical_score::microphone:In preschool we have celebrated basketball day and to celebrate we have had out basketball themed activities :person_with_ball::woman-bouncing-ball::man-bouncing-ball: such as how many basketball can you see? And a messy basketball court made out of flour.:basketball: We also had a basketball themed group time where the children had to say what ‘s’ word was on the card before they threw the ball at a basket :basketball::basket:

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