😄Happy Friday from MonkeyMoos Nursery & PreSchool 😊🐧

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MonkeyMoos have been busy, busy, busy this week 🤪

This week we’ve celebrated ‘National chocolate cake day’ and ‘National inspire your heart with art day’ we have also showed our appreciation to all the NHS and keyworkers this week so some of the children made cards to cheer a local care home up and went for a walk to post them.

Today was “Inspire your heart with art day” so the children have made different types of hearts💜 whilst participating in different activities. They made their hearts💚 for key workers by colouring 🖍them in and then adding a picture of their key workers onto their heart ♥️. The children were asked who they wanted to do their heart💛 for. Other made their heart 💖 necklaces by colouring them in and using a pipe cleaner to wear them.

Wednesday was ‘ national chocolate 🍫 cake 🧁 day!’ What a great day to celebrate 🎉 The babies 👶 made chocolate 🍫 cupcakes 🧁 in the morning! They enjoyed mixing the ingredients together and looking 👀 at each different ingredient as they mixed them together! In the afternoon some of the children had been creating their own cupcake 🧁 pictures, using stencils. Not only does this enhance their creative skills but also helps develop their handwriting ✍️ Skills! The older children had made play dough and developed their maths 🧮 and number skills by making different shapes to match up with the numbers 1️⃣ to 5️⃣

The children have also been talking about who helps them, who’s their key workers and how we can make them smile 😃 so they decided to make some cards for a local care home 🏠 , they used their creative skills to use different materials and decorated some lovely cards. They then decided to go for a nature walk 🚶🏼‍♀️ and post their cards, they spoke about the postman are key works too as they deliver our letters.

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