MonkeyMoos Worthing!


Happy Friday 🥳

We’ve made it to the end of the first week of January!
This morning the babies have been taking part in a sensory activity. They had a tray of banana :banana: Angel :innocent: delight, with hidden objects in it for them to find! What a fun :star-struck: way to develop the senses and fine motor skills on this Friday morning!

This afternoon the babies have been listening :ear: to the different sounds of musical :notes: instruments :trumpet: not only does this help develop their listening skills but also promotes self expression!
The toddlers this morning have been taking part in a role play activity and become doctors 🥼 and nurses 🩺 they looked :eyes: at different prompt cards, and helped look after each other!
The preschool this morning have created fantastic pieces of art :frame_with_picture: work with paint :art: and sponges 🧽 they were talking about all the different colours :large_blue_circle::red_circle: they were mixing and challenging themselves to find out what colours made new ones!
This afternoon the preschool were role playing with the animals :cat:and giving each one a name!

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