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Happy Friday everyone!!

Hope you have a lovely day at nursery and preschool today! Today has been Apricot day. The children have enjoyed all of the activities that have been set up for  them.

They made their own apricots using the play dough and lentils, they enjoyed feeling the textures, the cut around apricots using the scissors the children did well with this activity, then we coloured in apricots counting how many we had to colour. For snack we ate apricots some children liked them some didn’t but at least they tried them.

Happy Friday everyoneIn babies today we have been exploring different textures.In the arts and crafts area we discovered some playdough balls and orange lentils, when we rolled the playdough in the lentils it looked like apricots :peach:.We used our pincer skills to pick the lentils up and sprinkle them everywhere.We also discovered that if we banged the the tray the lentils would jump up and down on the tray.While playing with the lentils we transported them in different size bowls :bowl_with_spoon:.
Back in the room we coloured our apricot pictures in using a variety of coloured crayons :lower_left_crayon: , we sat side by side and shared the crayons :lower_left_crayon:

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