Making sense of listening πŸ‘‚


Tomorrow is a world listening day, and for us a MonkeyMoos- a celebration of one of our five senses.. the sense of hearing!
We will be taking part in some fantastic activities to test our listening skills and help us to tune in to sounds all around us!
The children will experiment with instruments, take part in music and movement activities and even participate in a listening walk!

Believe it or not- the first steps in teaching phonics to children is helping them to recognise and differentiate between familiar sounds! Who would have imagined that taking part in world listening day at nursery today will actually support the children on their quest to read and write? Another great example of the magic of early years!

  • Caversham Nursery
  • Caversham Preschool
  • Caversham Daycare
  • Caversham Childcare 
  • Basingstoke Nursery
  • Basingstoke Preschool 
  • Basingstoke Daycare
  • Basingstoke Childcare 
  • Worthing Nursery
  • Worthing Preschool 
  • Worthing Daycare
  • Worthing Childcare

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