Get ready for National Cupcake Day!!


Tomorrow we are celebrating National Cupcake day across all three of our nurseries! We will be channeling the children (and grown up’s!) love of cake into some fantastic learning opportunities such as weighing, sorting and even introducing some exciting new language!

Day upon Day we watch children in the role play areas act out baking all sorts of weird and wonderful creations so why not bring their imaginary creations to life!Playdough is a fantastic tool to develop hand strength needed for writing and boy do we have some exciting dough activities on offer tomorrow!

Fill cupcake cases with chocolate or peppermint scented dough. cut out shapes from sparkly slime and work together to make some yummy creations to fill our tummies!We have transformed our home corners into bakeries full of delicious pretend treat!

They almost look good enough to eat! We cannot wait to see what the children do with all of these lovely invitations to play.

  • Caversham Nursery
  • Caversham Preschool
  • Caversham Daycare
  • Caversham Childcare 
  • Basingstoke Nursery
  • Basingstoke Preschool 
  • Basingstoke Daycare
  • Basingstoke Childcare 
  • Worthing Nursery
  • Worthing Preschool 
  • Worthing Daycare
  • Worthing Childcare

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