The sun is shining! ☀️


This week has been a hot week but the children have still enjoyed learning lots of new exciting things. We started with lion day and learnt about where lions come from and played hide and seek. We then learned about fire safety in a fun exciting way by using water bottles to put out the fire. To finish we had elephant day where we voted between Elmer books and created our own elephants.

Today was based around “The Tiger 🐅 who came for tea 🫖☕ ”. This is because the children 👧👦 over the last couple of week have enjoyed reading 📖 the story and reciting what happens. They have done really well to remember what happens and on the tray told us what each part was.
The children 👧👦 enjoyed eating sandwiches 🥪 and biscuits 🍪 and even enjoyed a very small weak cup of tea ☕. Some likes it 😋 and others did not 🥴.

In the messy room the children 👧👦 enjoyed making lion 🦁 masks. As its lion 🦁 day and we had a lion 🦁 mask activity for the children 👧👦. The children 👧👦 enjoyed roaring and being a lion 🦁 for the day.
In babies 👶 they have been very happy 😃. They have had lots of fun with their grown ups 👩 and enjoyed playing with the toys.
They played with the duplo bricks 🧱 this morning and enjoy building and putting the bricks 🧱 together.
Then they enjoyed playing out in the main room with the big children 👧👦. They enjoyed playing with the colour animals 🐶🦁🐷.

In the baby room we have had so much fun!😄👶 The babies have been playing with the activity box, threading the beads up and down and around the maze. 🧮The babies have also been sitting on the bikes, zooming around the garden🚲🚴‍♂️. They have also been playing on the seesaws rocking back and forth ⏪⏩and sing row row row your boat 🚤 and other nursery rhymes.🎶 To cool down in the hot sunny weather☀️🕶️the babies have been playing in a tray full of water making big splashes 💦with their hands and feet.✋🦶 They babies have also been exploring in a tray which was Dino swamp 💦🌴theme with chia seeds, jelly, sticks🌳 , leaves 🍃 and dinosaurs 🦕🦖. They were moving the dinosaurs 🦖🦕around in the swamp and feeling the seeds and squeezing it with their hands. 🖐🏻They have had a great day!!🤩👍🏻

The preschoolers and toddlers have had a fire-tastic day.🔥We have been exploring our fire safety awareness truff tray activity! We enjoyed this sensory experience by spraying and squirting water over the house 🏡 to “put the fire out”. House was covered in red, yellow and orange spaghetti to resemble a fire.🔥 The children became fire fighters to help stop the fire!! The children discussed how we can keep safe to prevent fires, like having fire alarms 🚨. Within the tray there was a camp fire🏕️🔥 experience, they children laughed as they pretend to keep themselves warm by the fire. The children and practitioners discussed how fire can be used positively, “to cook” one child said.

Out in the garden we have been upgrading our construction 🚧 area! Some builders very kindly gave us some of their equipment to enhance our role play. We now have some real life cones and signs! The children are very happy!!

To keep cool in the heat we have been playing with boats 🚤 and ships 🛳️ in our water tray! The children have been creating waves 🌊 the boats have had a bumpy road! The children made their own waves with their bodies in our paddling pool 🏊‍♀️! We splished and splashed lots!!

National elephant day! 🐘

We have been voting which Elmer the elephant book is the best. It was between ‘Elmer’ and ’Elmer and the
rainbow.’ The winner was…….Elmer and the rainbow! 🙌

We then created our own Elmer the elephant out of milk cartoons. We used lots of rainbow coloured paints and different
size paint brushes to fill the spaces. 🎨

We then stomped like an elephant around the field to see if we could find any elephants. Unfortunately we couldn‘t find
any, however we found lots of ants! 🐜

To finish we had a fun party game of pin the tail on the elephant. We had a purple blindfold and guessed where the tail
would go.🐘

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