Happy Friday! 🌞


This week has been full of sunshine and suncream! To kick start our week we started with International bath day. We had lots of water play, we washed off our farm animals who were very mucky! Next was CUCUMBER DAY! We made our very own cucumber insects using pretzels and raisens and had a yummy cucumber cake for pudding. To finish our week we had flip flop day.

National bath day! :bathtub:Today we have been splish, splash sploshing around MonkeyMoos.
We started of by washing the babies, using bubbles 🫧, water :droplet:, and sponges :sponge: to make them all nice and clean! We then had a group conversation about why we need to be safe and what is safe and what isn’t safe.We then splashed our way into the garden and washed the dinosaurs :t-rex: as they had so much fun in the swamp.In our tuff tray we had ‘silly soup’. The children used their hands :raised_hands: as well as spoons :spoon: to see what letters they could scoop up and identify. Some children used there letter knowledge and recognised what letters were in their names. We have been showing of our dance :dancer: moves by dancing with our friends and by ourselves. We have danced to baby shark :shark:, head shoulders knees and toes, conga and many more.

Happy national cucumber day!!Today in babies :baby: we have had a very fun :star-struck: and busy day. Today has been cucumber :cucumber: day so we had so crackers, butter and cucumber for snack and the babies served themselves!!
We have also been having lots of fun playing in the garden :potted_plant: today, splashing in the water :droplet: tray, using cups and funnels to scoop up the water :sweat_drops: and then pour it back out. We also read a few books :books: whilst sitting out in the sun :sunny:Today in toddlers:man_and_woman_holding_hands: we have enjoyed celebrating national cucumber:cucumber: day! We did this by making our own cucumber crackers! :smiling_face_with_3_hearts:We carefully used knifes to spread the butter :butter:onto the crackers and then cut :fork_and_knife:the cucumber independently!Today we have also enjoyed this very hot:sunny: day by cooling off in the water tray in the garden! :deciduous_tree::bouquet:We loved using spray and squeeze bottles to spread the water:sweat_drops: and bubbles 🫧onto each other! On top of this we have enjoyed digging and sieving in the sand tray, balancing on the balancing beams and talking to the guinea pigs!:feet:The preschoolers have had a fabulous day!!:tada: We have been fishing :fishing_pole_and_fish: for lettered fish :tropical_fish: in our water :droplet: tray! To celebrate national cucumber :cucumber: day, the preschoolers have been making their own vegetable insects!:ant: We have practiced out cutting skills using knifes :fork_and_knife:and used peppers, raisins and pretzels :pretzel: to create our own insects!:ladybug: We have been discussing the importance of staying safe in the sun :sunny: by wearing sun cream :lotion_bottle:wearing hats :billed_cap: and drinking plenty of water:cup_with_straw: to stay hydrated!

It’s “Flip Flop Day” at monkeymoos and what a perfect day to get the paddling pool out in the garden :potted_plant:. The children had a blast and loved every minute of it.
There was so much splashing from both children :girl::boy: and grown ups :woman:.
The children did really well to take turns and did well to come out when there time was over.In the afternoon we then enjoyed eating ice cream :icecream:, the children :girl::boy: very much enjoyed this treat. They all sat at the table nicely and said cheers just before eating them.As it is “Flip flop day the children enjoyed playing in our beach :beach_with_umbrella: themed tray in the messy room. They explored the whole tray and found different sea :ocean: creatures :tropical_fish::dolphin::crab:.To keep the children cool we enjoyed playing with ice :ice_cube: in our tuff tray. The children :girl::boy: told us it was cold in their hands :open_hands:. In the ice :ice_cube: there were special surprises and the children :girl::boy: did well to get them out of the ice :ice_cube:.In babies :baby: they had just as much fun in the paddling pool. They enjoyed splashing :sweat_drops: and sitting in the water :sweat_drops:.

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