WOW! what a week of Fun

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This week we had fun celebrating ‘National Kite flying day’ decorating and creating our very own funky Kites. ‘National Umbrella Day’ talking about how we use them and finding different ways of making them. Most importantly we celebrated ‘Valentines Day’ making lovely surprises for out loved ones.

It was national kite 🪁 day this week and in babies 👶 they had been decorating pictures of kites 🪁.

First we dipped our fingers in paint 🎨 and made lots of different marks on the paper. We dabbed our fingers and then dragged them across the picture so it made a different mark.

Once we had finished painting with our fingers, we got some glue and drizzled it across our picture, it was fascinating watching the glue go all over the paper 📄 making different patterns, we then used different coloured tissue paper to decorate our kite 🪁

National umbrella day! :umbrella_with_rain_drops:The Children started by making umbrellas :umbrella: out of play dough, by looking at the pictures and making their own version of an umbrella. We also asked some children what happens when it rains? “A rainbow”. :rainbow: The next question was how does a rainbow work? “thunder and rain come down then the sun comes out and rainbow!”They have also been exploring the ice :ice_cube: and snow :snowflake: in the garden. The children attempted to make snow balls but unfortunately there wasn’t enough snow. However we got to explore all the ice that was about. The children saw that some toys were stuck in ice so they have to think :thinking_face: of an idea to get them free. The best way was throwing them to the ground. There has also been lots of construction happening. The children have been balancing the blocks on top of each other! Be careful or else they will fall!! :see_no_evil:

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We have looked at all things Valentines :heart: The children had been talking about who is special to them :sparkling_heart: and how we show we love them! They have explored a valentines tuff tray filled with glitter :sparkles: and hearts and created lots of beautiful :star-struck: pictures! 
They have also been making cards using red paint :art: to explore with their hands! They have sung songs :notes: to practise finding different body parts which they found highly amusing! 

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