Happy Friday MonkeyMooers!


We hope you have all had a wonderful week. We had a change in the weather with the snow! It was some of our children’s first experience in the snow and was so lovely to see them explore and use new language. It has been another fabulous week at MonkeyMoos. All 3 nurseries have had a jam-packed week with all of the learning experiences that we have had. There was National Oreo Day which provided many opportunities to learn about biscuits and how to create them, delicious. We also spent Tuesday exploring cereal. Who knew you could play jenga using Weetabix or that you can create a Disney scene with cheerios? We hope you all have lovely weekends and we cannot wait for another week of fun!

Oreo Monday!🥳

Who likes milk and cookies? We do!!🥛🍪For morning snack, the Monkey Mooers were treated to a yummy Oreo cookie that they could dunk into a cup of milk to make it nice and soft for them to eat.

What’s hiding underneath? Our 2 year olds focused on their shapes and colour knowledge. An adult hid different shapes in a box covered with a blanket and encouraged the child to take it in turns to find a shape and name the colour of it.🔴🔷🟩

The 3 year olds focused on their letter recognition and writing skills using letter cards. An adult filled up a tray with flour before scattering around different lettered cards for the children to choose from. They were encouraged to choose a certain letter and practicing writing it in the correct form in the flour either using their fingers or a paint brush.

The 4 year olds showed off their artistic skills by looking at photos of fruit and drawing the best fruits they could to add to our food board in the meal room. Our pictures consisted of juicy watermelon🍉, cherries🍒 and oranges!🍊

Gardening time!👩‍🌾 Outside the children showed off their green fingers by taking part in planting. An adult scattered around different packets of seeds for the children to choose from. The children chose to plant spring onions, tomatoes and sweet peas. The Monkey Mooers took it in turns to dig a hole before gently placing the seeds inside. 💐

Oreo smash! 🍪Some of our children rushed to the messy tray to choose a hammer to see how many oreos they could crush up by hitting them into tiny pieces as quickly as they can. 🔨

Lets talk about the weekend! For afternoon group time, we gathered into a circle to discuss what we all got up to during our weekend which consisted of: celebrating a family members birthday, having fun in Henley, a trip to the park, visiting Peppa Pig World and getting our hair cut!🎂🐷

Today in babies 👶 we have had lots of fun 🤩 celebrating 🥳 national cereal 🥣 day by doing lots of cereal 🥣 themed activities. 

We enjoyed playing in our Goldilocks and the three bears 🐻🐻🐻 tray, helping to feed the bears 🐻 their yummy 😋 oats. The babies 👶 used their spoons 🥄 to scoop up some oats and feed it to the bears 🐻. 

The babies 👶 then liked playing in our sensory crunchy cereal 🥣 tray. Exploring the textures and taste 👅 of different cereal 🥣. There were weetabix and rice pops in the tray, with spoons 🥄 and bowls to scoop and pour. 

Later on we were learning the different colours of the rainbow 🌈, naming the colours as we painted. We used coloured paint 🎨 to make our rainbow 🌈 making them all unique. 

We have also liked playing with our bing tray, using the train 🚂 to push round the track past bing and flop. We said CHOO CHOO as the train 🚂 went pass. We then liked reading 📖 and looking at some bing books 📚 with our practitioners.

It’s national cereal🥣 day and today we have loved exploring an UP themed construction tray! 🏠🎈We were very excited😄 to explore the balloons on top of the house! We then explored the cereal around the house by crunching🙌🏼 smelling 👃and tasting👄 it! We also used diggers🚧🚜 to scoop and pour the cereal as well as build towers with the building blocks! 🧱

We then had lots of fun exploring a Goldilocks👩🏼 themed porridge tray! We read the story📚 of Goldilocks and the three bears🐻 before then playing in a giant bowl of porridge! We used our hands 👐to explore the texture of the porridge and then searched 🔍for the characters from the book! 

On top of this we enjoyed a counting🔢 activity where we counted how many cereal hoops we could stack! 🍢We used straws pushed into play dough to thread the hoops onto! Once we had done this we counted how many we could fit on each straw!

Today in preschool we have had lots of fun 🤩 celebrating national cereal 🥣 day. We have enjoyed a cereal tuff tray smash, with assistance we used hammers to smash 💥 our cereal 🥣 we had Weetabix, rice crispies and shreddies. We had so much fun smashing up the cereal 🥣. We used our senses with the tray we touched the cereal 🥣, we tasted the cereal it was yummy, we smelt the cereal and we used our eyes 👀 to look at the cereal 🥣.

We have made our very own bowl 🥣 of cereal. We poured out the cereal from the box into a bowl 🥣 . Then we poured some milk from the jug🥛. We then used a spoon 🥄 to mix the milk and cereal together 🥣. We then sat and ate our cereal 🥣 it was very tasty 😋 

We used our choice of cereal to decorate a lovely tree picture🌲We used PVA glue on our picture and then chose what cereal to put on our tree 🌲 to create the bark effect on the tree 🌲 . We had a choice we could use brown 🟤and green 🟢 paints to decorate the rest of our tree 🌳 with a paint brush🖌

Hope you have all enjoyed a snow day.
Today we have taken it in turns to take the children out to play in the snow. The children loved it. They had lots of fun watching themselves making feet prints in the snow, throwing the snow up in the air, making snow balls and so much more. 👦👧❄️⛄

When we came back from being out in the snow we spoke about how cold it was, what the snow felt like and what they like about the snow. 👦👧❄️🖐🥶

Babies just as much enjoyed the snow as everyone else. They had so much fun and did well to pick up the snow. Babies also rolled in it and crawled in the snow.

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