It has been a freezzzinnng week! But plenty of opportunities to explore ice at MonkeyMoos.

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  • It has been a freezzzinnng week! But plenty of opportunities to explore ice at MonkeyMoos.

How cold does it have to be for the puddles to become ice? This has been our curious question this week. The children have been fascinated by the ice, breaking it up and watching it melt has been a focus this week. We have also enjoyed some yummy chocolate cake tasting activities. And we would like to wish everybody a Happy Lunar New Year!

In the construction area, the children put their building and team work skills together to build some iconic buildings in London🏙At first, the children decided to stack their blocks up high to build their very own Big Ben🕰 The children extended this by adding on their own clock faces and choosing a time in which the clock would show!🕝 The children then all decided together that the next building they wanted to work together to build was Buckingham Palace🏰The children studied different pictures of the palace and used their amazing imaginations to make their creation their own🌟 The children even tried to guess how many guards💂‍♀️ and how many doors🚪 the palace had!

Over in the book corner, the children showed off their listening and turn taking skills by taking part in a fun game of ‘who’s got bears honey?’🍯 They all sat down in a circle and listened to the instructions of the game, finding out that one child would hold the bear closing their eyes whilst another child would hide the honey behind their backs. The children took it in turns to hide the honey and if they weren’t guessed they were able to pretend to be the honey bear 🧸

Outside in the frosty sunshine, the children went to investigate the buckets full of water to see if they had frozen over during the night. ❄️ Once wrapped up warm, the Monkey Mooers rushed to break the ice using different resources such as spades, jugs and spoons. 🥄 Some of the children chose to pick up the ice in their hands and throw it on the ground to watch it break into tiny pieces like snow ❄️👋🏻 Whilst outside, we also liked jumping in and out of the tyres like an obstacle course before running 3 laps of the wood chips before starting the course again. 🛞

When back inside, the children showed off their artistic and creative skills by using different art resources such as glue, sequins, pom poms, tissue paper, paint, pens and crayons to decorate our very own rabbit pictures to celebrate the Chinese New Year 🇨🇳🐇

Where all going on a lovely holiday!!!!

Today in babies 👶 we have been celebrating 🥳 National Florida day! 

We enjoyed exploring our crocodile 🐊 themed water 💦 tray. We used our hands 🙌 to explore of cold 🥶 green 🟢 water 💦 moving our hands 🙌 up and down making a big SPLASH!! We moved the people and the boat 🛶 through the water 💦, being careful not to crash 💥 into the big, scary crocodile 🐊. 

We then loved 🥰 exploring our different coloured 🟣🔵 sensory bubble 🫧 foam. The babies 👶 used their hands 🙌 to scoop up the foam before blowing it up into the air. The babies 👶 then clapped the foam between their hands 🙌 watching the foam fly everywhere! 

The babies 👶 have also liked reading some books 📚 this morning, looking at the different pictures, pointing to the different animals 🐻🐵🐧🦆

It’s national Florida🏞 day! Today we have been having so much fun exploring our Disneyland ✨tuff tray to Celebrate 50 years of Walt Disney! 🥳We had lots of fun exploring the park and all of the different characters that were there! We explored the Frozen village of Arundel☃️👩🏻‍🦳👩‍🦰 and toy story land! 🤠🦖🐶

We also visited the 100 Acre Wood 🐻🐷🐯and Mickey Mouse world! 🐭🌍

On top of this we have also used our hand✋ eye 👀coordination to make Micky mouse paintings using potato’s! We used Micky mouse🐭shaped potato’s🥔 to stamp into red🔴 and black ⚫️paint! We then transferred it onto some white paper to make the pictures!

Today we have also visited a crocodile🐊swamp! We practiced counting how many crocodiles🐊 we could see👀 as well as what size they were! We also enjoyed exploring the texture of the gloopy 💦🫧soap mixture!

Today in preschool we have had lots of fun 🤩 celebrating Florida day. We all took a trip to Florida and explored the different sights. We experienced the very hot ☀️weather they have. We forgot to take hats 🧢 so we had to buy one. So we stopped off at a hat shop 🏬. While we were at the hat 🧢 shop we all tried on different styles of hats. We had different colours, different patterns, baseball caps 🧢, straw hats 👒 and bucket hats. 

While we were in Florida and looking at all the different sights we started to get very very hungry 😐so we stopped off at a shop 🏬 and brought the ingredients we needed to make tuna pasta. We used a bowl 🥣 to mix the tuna 🍣 and we then added our pasta 🍝and sweet corn 🌽 to the bowl 🥣 . We enjoyed 😃trying the pasta and the sweetcorn it was very yummy.  

We then went and visited the sea 🌊 world to look at all of the different animals that live in the water 💧. We looked at turtles 🐢 and then we decided to decorate our very own turtles 🐢. We used different coloured crayons 🖍 to independently colour our turtles in. We had a group discussion about where turtles live and what food they like to eat .

While we were at the sea life centre and we had looked at all the different sea 🌊 creatures we took a break and had a game of find the matching sea animals. We each took it in turns to flip the cards 🃏 over to make matches of sea animals and we had to use our memory to remember where we saw the sea 🌊 animals.

The children enjoyed joining in with our volcano science experiment in our sensory tuff tray. The children each had a cup of vinegar and bicarbonate of soda. They listened to their grown ups instructions and waited for their turn to pour there liquid. They loved this experiment. 👧👦🌋
The preschoolers have being practising their phonic letters. This week is the letter “A” and the children have done so well to listen and focus. Just look how good they are. 👦👧👀🔠
In the messy room the children have enjoyed being very creative at drawing. They have enjoyed drawing on the chalk board and sitting at the table. They enjoyed using chalk and pencils to mark make. 👦👧🖍✏️
In literacy we have enjoyed playing a game of matching shapes. The children each had a board and matched the different shapes to that board. This was also a good game for them as it’s helping them to learn new shapes. 👦👧👩🟤🔶🟧🔴
In babies they have been exploring hard and soft textures with pasta and Pom Poms!. They explored using their hands and enjoyed feeling the hardness and the softness of the pasta shapes. The babies Also enjoyed looking at the different colours and glitter and using other body parts to explore!. 👶🤲👆🟡🟢🔴🟠

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