Road safety week!


Road safety is hugely important for children and learning through play makes it enjoyable whilst getting across the importance of road safety.

The children will learn:

  • Be Bright be seen!
  • Crossing the road safely with an adult.
  • How to behave near traffic.
  • In car safety.
  • Whats on the road.
  • Caversham Nursery
  • Caversham Preschool
  • Caversham Daycare
  • Caversham Childcare 
  • Basingstoke Nursery
  • Basingstoke Preschool 
  • Basingstoke Daycare
  • Basingstoke Childcare 
  • Worthing Nursery
  • Worthing Preschool 
  • Worthing Daycare
  • Worthing Childcare

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