First School (2 - 3 Year)

For Children To Recognize And Be Sociable

What an exciting age! Your toddler will be nurtured and encouraged to explore at MonkeyMoos as they start to make sense of the world around them. Our Toddler room starts to incorporate simple routines and introduces the very basics of phonics knowledge through stories, rhymes and songs. Toddlers love to move so we ensure that they get plenty of fresh air every day with walks outside in the community to ensure these inquisitive little people have plenty to look at and learn about as their vocabulary bank grows each day.
Skills That Children Will Learn

A Safe and Language rich environment for your toddler’s wholistic development.

Toddlers learn about the world around them through responsive adults, through watching and copying and through trying new things. At MonkeyMoos we know that between the age of 2 and 3 children are learning new words rapidly and using them in simple sentences so providing a language rich curriculum is key.
First School (2 - 3 Year)

For children to build friendships and play alongside each other.

By the age of 2 children will be fascinated by their peers and the way they play will begin to change. They will no longer play alone but will frequently be seeing playing alongside and watching other children. Our Toddler room puts a focus on supporting children with those first social skills needed to form relationships. By encouraging the children to take part in small group games, learning to be tolerant, patient and take turns, we support them on the road to making their first real friendships.
Your Toddler will be learning new words at a rapid rate- you will love hearing them come home from MonkeyMoos singing new songs and rhymes each day.
MonkeyMoos is a safe, exciting and stimulating environment for your toddlers to thrive in. They will love exploring the world outside too on our daily walks.
Toddlers learn best when they have full tummies. We provide balanced and delicious hot meals in conjunction with the local specialist children’s food supplier ‘HungryMoose.’ Your toddler will have plenty of time to be active during our daily dance session- Activate!
We love Messy play and so do our toddlers! At MonkeyMoos we have a separate Messy room where the children have free access to arts and craft materials to create their own masterpieces each day.
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