Caversham Parent

My son has been attending since he was 15 months old and his confidence and social skills have grown a lot. He has made friends and has a good relationship with the teachers, especially his key person. I love that they learn something new every day and I love that they play outside in the fresh air daily which I think is extremely important. He absolutely loves his nursery family and is always telling us how much fun he had, when we pick him up.

Worthing parent

My daughter has been attending monkey moos since she was 9 months old, despite lockdown the staff settled her into nursery well and has bonded with her key workers. The staff are cheerful and have a good sense of humor but are always professional. I feel very happy to leave my daughter here and am confident she is well looked after. You can't ask your baby how her day has been but monkeymoos use an app which gives you a breakdown of their day, what they ate and drank, nappy changes and photos of the fun things they have been up to! Thank you monkeymoos!

parents of Apryl-sophia

MonkeyMoos has a very welcoming, warm happy atmosphere. The staff are amazing, they make my child very happy.

Winklebury - Basingstoke

Loving the food. Harry's first reaction was “wow I got loads!”. Lots of empty plates and normal he have to really encourage to eat but not today


Right from the first video tour of the nursery during lockdown in June, Megan has made my daughter’s transition as smooth as possible. My daughter has found starting nursery tricky but the whole team have been lovely and greet her every morning with good humour. Observations, along with photos, are sent home everyday via an app and she loves looking at these and talking through her day with us.

Nicole Quelch

I just wanted to send a email to say thank you so much for making me and the children feel so welcome I feel so comfortable with them coming to monkey moos and to see this last two days them both smiling and looking forward to coming makes me so happy I can't appalled you all enough and thank you all enough for everything you have and continue to do with Jolene and john boy look forward to seeing you on Tuesday and again thank you so much hope you didn't mind me sending a email.

Parents of Jenna and Grayson

Never thought I would feel comfortable leaving the children but can honestly say I am 100% happy to leave them in the care of MonkeyMoos staff so thank you. Everyone is approachable and I feel like they actually care about the children.

nurseries.co.uk review

I cannot praise it enough! The setting is bright, colourful and welcoming and the staff are so lovely and enthusiastic. My daughter adores her key worker and happily goes to her when I drop her off which is such a relief! I cannot express how reassuring it is to know that my daughter is happy and well looked after. I go to work happy knowing that my daughter is so well looked after by the team at MonkeyMoos.

parent review on day nurseries.co.uk

It will be a real feat to find something that matches the standards that they have here

Caversham parent

He was the youngest there at the time he joined, and I was a bit worried that he would require lots of attention being so young, but I felt soon reassured. The staff are very caring and friendly and patient, and know what they're doing and were able to give him the attention he needed, as well as the other lovely young children in their care. Even though he was very young, they helped him join in activities safely where he could, so he could learn and have fun. We're very happy and grateful to the staff for looking after our precious one so well!'