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A little about me, Shanice, the dedicated (and slightly bonkers) Manager of Highdown. When I began my career in early years, I had the aim that EVERY child I care for will have the best start to life and that parents always feel involved in their children’s learning. I began as an Early years Apprentice all those years ago, and I now have a Level 5 Foundation Degree in Early Years.

I have been a MonkeyMooer for 3 years, beginning as a Deputy Manager and have been the Manager at Highdown for 18months. I have 14 years experience and could not imagine doing anything else. There is no other role which will allow you to ‘visit the moon’ and be a Disney Princess all in the space of one day!

Likes: Reading, bubble baths, Spice Girls and CHEESE!

Dislikes: Wotsits (shudder), running and anything that flies at me!

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Huntley Wharf Manager
  • Shanice Wells
  • 0118 334 3000
  • highdown pavilion, Surley Row, Emmer Green, RG4 8LP
  • L2 Paediatric First Aid, Lead SENCO, L2 Health and Safety Officer, Designated Safeguarding Lead, L2 Food Hygiene
  • 3 Years