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I am Gemma and I live and breathe MonkeyMoos! I am the regional director for our chain of amazing nurseries and I truly believe that I have the best job in the world!! I have worked with children for as long as I remember and was in my previous nursery for 12 years before I jumped at the opportunity to embark on my MonkeyMoos adventure 5 years ago! I believe whole heartedly that every child deserves the right to play and to be loved and nurtured and that is exactly what shines through at all of our settings!

I hold a formal Level 4 qualification in Children’s Care and Education and have completed more training so far in my career than I can list! I absolutely LOVE to learn and I am always looking for new theories and ideas to improve and diversify our practice at MonkeyMoos!


Undoubtably the best part of my job is watching the children going off to school sometimes after 5 years at MonkeyMoos and knowing that we have given them the best possible start to their education journey!

Likes: Chocolate, Singing and all things 90’s and 00’s pop!

Dislikes: Grumpy people, things with no explanation (I love to know how and why things happen)

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Regional Director
  • Gemma Gregory
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