Becca Walters


Personal Experience & Biography

Hi, I am Becca and I have worked at MonkeyMoos for nearly three years. I started off working at our Highdown nursery and then transferred over to the Winklebury site. I have worked at the Winklebury nursery for the last 18 months and I love every minute. We aren’t just a team we more like a little family. I have worked at a variety of different nursery and have been in childcare for the last 16 years and I love that no day is ever the same. You are more than likely to find me in our amazing messy room trialing new sensory and art/craft activities for everyone to join in. If I am not there, I will be in the role play area, enjoying a cup of juice and making party food with all of my little friends
Likes:- Bubble bath, anything girly – especially having my nail done, chocolate 
Dislikes:- any bugs, being cold and mess

Teacher skill

Child Care Skills
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Teaching Skills
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Winklebury Manager
  • Becca Walters
  • 01256 898950
  • 58/59 Watson Way, Basingstoke, RG23 8AW
  • Level 5, Safeguarding lead, fire safety officer, food hygiene and first aid
  • 5 Years