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Hello, I’m stacey I have been in child care for 15yrs. I started off working at The Hatchlings Nursery School for 13yrs then came and joined the MonkeyMoos team and have been here now for 1yr and 9 months. Since I have started at MonkeyMoos nursery they have pushed me and taken me out of my comfort zone. I started out as a third in charge and recently have been promoted to deputy. It’s a fun exciting nursery and everyday is different. Ive always been passionate about children and learning about them. I’ve been apart of so many children and watched them grow and go off to school and each child has taught me something new every time.

LikesIm a very active person and my weekends are never chilled, I love going on walks and will spent 70% of my weekend being out by the beach, forest or rivers and ponds. If you ask me i’ll tell you a place to go. Spending time with my family and friends is a huge thing and I love eating out. Im also a thrill seeker and Thorpe park is an annual place on my list.
Im also a big nerd and enjoy playing games and hosting games night, i’m not competitive I just love playing and hosting and having a good time.DislikesSnakes and spiders I can not cope seeing them being near them. I don’t enjoy spicy foods and korma is as spicy as I’ll eat.

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  • Stacey - Deputy Manager
  • 01256 898950
  • Winklebury
  • EYFS Practitioner
  • 3 Years